5 mistakes you absolutely must not make before investing

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You are finally ready to invest your savings, but you still want to know which strategies can prevent you from effectively achieving your investment goals . In this regard, in this new post, we want to clarify what are the attitudes that allow you to conduct your investment activities in the right way.

Unfortunately, in our country, financial culture is not very widespread and there are many savers who rely on improvised DIY, overestimating their financial knowledge and incorrectly managing their investments .

Making errors of evaluation, rather than strategy, especially if you are inexperienced on the subject, is normal. However, in this area it is best to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again as the stakes (capital) are very high. 

The most common investor mistakes and why avoid them

1. Have no financial goals

When it is decided to invest there must be no hesitation about the investment plan and the objectives related to it, which must necessarily be defined and observed for the entire duration of the investments undertaken.

Without goals, it is very easy to take the path of default rather than success.

Awareness of the extreme importance of what we have just told you depends a lot on your financial culture. However, know that financial culture must be constantly nurtured and that reading two or three newspaper articles is not enough to say that you have it. Instead, it is necessary to read and get information on a daily basis.

2. Don’t consider the relationship between risk and reward

Risk and reward are factors that travel in the same direction. With this we want to tell you that the greater the risk you are willing to take, according to your possibilities, the greater the gains that your investment can produce.

Believing that quick and easy gains lie ahead is the most erroneous belief you can have . Anyone who makes you believe that with a snap of your fingers you can make great profits is a braggart.

Despite this, there are still people who are firmly convinced, wrongly, that you can somehow circumvent the risk by making money in all simplicity. Instead , you must always make realistic considerations: if you want to increase the value of your capital you must opt ​​for riskier investments.

3. Get influenced by the media

Very often it happens that investors get information through the media to formulate their own analyzes on the investments to be made. An attitude that has very little rational, if we keep in mind that TV and newspapers launch alarmism or on the contrary news full of positivity linked to purely media logics that can distract the investor from the investment objectives.

Therefore, one of the mistakes to avoid in investments is to act without listening to your own head and allowing yourself to be influenced by external information, especially that conveyed by the media.

4. Don’t diversify your portfolio

One of the most common investment mistakes among investors is that of not knowing the potential of diversification. Financial diversification

refers to the strategy of allocating one’s investment capital to multiple financial instruments rather than concentrating it in a single option.  The advantages of this practice are many, starting from that of reducing the risk to which you expose yourself . In fact, by varying your investments the risk of your portfolio will decrease, preventing the negative performance of a single investment from completely eroding your assets.

5. Don’t inform yourself 

Before investing in any financial product, find out about it through the information documents presented to you. By informing yourself, it is necessary that you maintain a critical evaluation of what is said to you. If you have any doubts, do not leave them unresolved, but ask the intermediary who offers you the investment for clarification.

If you cannot fully understand the information contained, even after asking for clarification, the advice is to let it go , rather than go into unknown activities and therefore complex to manage.

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