Afaan Barbaadee Gara Afaan oromooti jijjiruuf

now you don’t need anyone to know the language anymore you can translate all the languages ​​for yourself this is very nice it is easy to use it is

good for everyone to download it our followers will always post only things that will benefit you

Integrity is the ultimate goal Let us be friendly and intelligent d I wish you all the bestThere are a lot of guys who are back together and our

lessons are going on.I have an amazing app for you. The app is how you are probably wondering

how to easily convert any languages ​​to English easily download this app and use it.I invite you to use it here if you have no problems with your

phonePlease share it with your loved ones and friends as we continue to learn from each other’s results and lessons.I promise I promise?I hope

you learn something from here to find more apps we will post our Facebook, YouTube and tiktok below so you can easily find many useful apps.




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