Akka irraa Gammadaan Abdii qaba

I fell asleep this 11Am line and saw a naked bed. My lazyn wife seems to have eaten a sleeping pill. I went upstairs to the bathroom

, brushed my teeth and took a showerI was wearing a jeans earring and a white shirt and I pulled my hair back in front of me and when I went downstairs I saw a woman wearing a

dress like mineBut she is wearing white jeans and a black shirt. Very beautiful maashaa Allaah. I saw her standing there with her face turned and I went to where she was standing and she screamed at me as I wrapped my

hand around her waistYou shocked me bar hamaad” She said to me when she turned around and saw meSorry wifey you were shocking me too. I said I didn’t see you by my side when I fell asleep. She kissed me in the mall. Beekhaa khut by the nose and kissed

me mall. We have never kissed each other on the nose.Wahi, my Lord! Baby we have the same clothes and let’s stand in front of the mirror and eat shame” Nahla said happily when she saw our clothes were the same. Women and shame!! She forced me to the

mirror and started pulling my hair back there. What are you doing?How beautiful bubbles are.” She said to meThen she took her phone out of her pocket and started taking pictures of us. I stopped seeking while I was taking photos. I am not a person who likes to take

photos every dilas. I wasn’t joking, I took 15 or 20 photos with him. We are really beautiful to each other and she was sometimes squeezing her mouth sideways and sometimes squeezing it sideways and putting different things in our faces whenever she wanted. Woman and filter!!!



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