As soon as he entered the room and closed the door, I realized there was something wrong. It’s been there since we went to my

ummaa house etc. Instead, he refused to talk to me as we were walking aroundI knew he was going to surprise me, because he had told me. But I didn’t see that either. There is a problem, But if kha closes the door and keeps quiet about me, how can I know what is

wrong with him?Why does he act like a baby?I went to his room and knocked on the door once, twice , three times, and when he opened it on the fourth I decided to go to my room on my own. She is making me suspect that he is 27 years old. I have to ask for his birth

certificateI went into my room, took a shower, changed my clothes, dried my hair and sat down on the bed. This night is going to be so long for me. Wonderful so much I already thought of hamaad!!!I sat there for hours

without falling to the ground. This is called our first fight, and the first day doesn’t countThis is our first fight but I don’t know what I did wrong ajiib!. Nahlaa stop worrying about how they think Yeah! I have to stop this

confusion of thoughtWe both know you can’t read human mindsI know what we look likeI don’t look at it like thatYes you my dear wifeyMay Allah make us the ones who will enter Paradise with him hand in handI remembered his speech and laughed. How das is it to enter paradise holding hands with

someone you love?I didn’t realize I was crying until my tears fell on my handsSometimes the good things you have spent will not hurt you if you have a fight with the good people you have spent with. Call me crazy if you want, But this is our first fight and it’s worrying me like a fool



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