a smile came to my nose for this memory but my body is shaking because I cried so much. So I came to my husband’s house the first day and slept on this cold floor.Nahla and Hamad

“believe what had happened. My mind refused to accept what I did to her but I have no history of doing it. She khuted in the rage for the sake of the angry man and did what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to get married in the first place so I believe she was the

reason for my marriage. Since she is already planning to get married, I am the only one who has been hurt in the meantime. But she was forced into this marriage because she didn’t marry her boyfriend, did she? Oh yeah I stayed but my head is working togetherI know we

were both forced into this marriage, But I didn’t dare say goodbye and fought her the night before she came to this house. Oh, my God!O my Allah, make everything right between us, please O Allah, make you forgive meI quickly got to the ground and ran there to apologize to her but I didn’t see her in the room. Did you leave the house and khutte?

Wahi, my LordI quickly went downstairs to find out if she had left the house, it was 5:14am. O Allah, help me, O Allah, save me from the battle of my nature, O Allah, show me where you areShe started to feel what I did to herOh, my GodDid you sleep here all

night? Does that mean you stayed on this cold ground because of me? I couldn’t believe it. What kind of person do you think I am right now? A bad guy? Farrisa? Someone who doesn’t have a panic attack?By Allah, I am not such a person, I am a good person. But even if she thinks of me like that, I won’t blame her

How can I blame her? Is it me who gets such a name? O Allah, you help usI bent down and grabbed her tear-dried sign. I was very sorry for myself. I picked her up and took her room and put her on the bed and covered her with khumbula and turned off the lights and went

downstairsThen I went to my room and went to the bathroom and made ablution and went to the mosque as it was time for morning prayerAfter 40 minutes I went to the mosque and entered my room. The soul of Nahla wanted to wake me up but I was afraid of what she would say to me when she woke up. Oh, my little oneI read the Qur’an for a while

and then went to the shower and changed my clothes and started looking at the internet. I should have gone to work but my mother ordered me to stop working for a while and get to know your wife properly so I didn’t know how to go. My wife and I are fightingWhen breakfast came I went downstairs and saw

our maid Asia doing breakfast in the kitchen. Assalaamu Aleeykum” I read. Wa’aleeykum salaam how are you? She greeted me backBut before I answer, where is your wife? How are you doing, right? She asked me questions on top of questionsMy wife??? If she knew what I did to her, she would ask. Now I might want to see my sightKhalee is tired and she is not asleep.” She rolled her eyes at meI ate

breakfast alone as usual. I know exactly how angry Nahla is with meAfter I ate breakfast, I called my mother. As soon as she picked up the phone she immediately said Assalaamu Aleeykum hamaad” I laughed when I heard her beautiful voiceWa’aleeykum salaam uttam” How are you and I greeted you with respect as she taught us. Alhamdulillah I am safe my

son, are you and your wife safe? She said to meI would have asked if she knew what her son had done to the old womanUmmi said she is not sleeping because she was tired yesterday. Ooh my son” you said you were tired? She would have looked like you were tired yesterday” she laughed as much as she couldOh my God” Did the Ummah think we slept with her?I’m thinking about it and she’s decided in my hands hamaad” don’t you think

she’s a little nervous about that? She said to me. She’s still khoflum. Alla my shame, I wish the earth would have sunk me down hereUmmii there is no such thing. Khalee is tired because she was on the sargi but there is no such thing really um” I told her she thought she would believe me. Oh my son” She said still laughing as much as you can

and go to your wife” She said to meWell, um.” I said and quickly hung up without hearing another word from her. If Feisal was listening to all our conversation, she was finished for meAlthough he is younger than me, we are very close and I love him and my ummaa very much. Besides, he is now 20 years old and everything will fit ????I didn’t see Nahla coming

up to the kitchen because I was talking to my mother. When I hung up, I looked over and saw her standing in the kitchenAs soon as I went upstairs to put the coffee cup back in the kitchen, my heart was cut off. She told meWhen she saw me, she lifted her eyes as if I was going to hit her. I appointed myself all this. Good morning” She said to me in a

hoarse voiceWahi, my LordMorning nahlaa” How are you? I asked in a soft voice so that you would know that I am not afraid of you or that I am not a woman. If I were anything I would not raise my hand and hit a womanWhat eda tehe remember when you

opened your eyes and looked at me. Hello” She replied in a disinterested voice and before I could look here she walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs.



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