APALCINA kuun Appiiwwan kaanira sepped gudda qaba Akkataa Itii fayyadamaa issa

What is the forgiveness kha? Is it because you ate on the ground or because you were studying with a guy and you shook hands while we were in the moola on January 7th? Or because she went out without my

permission in just two weeks of marriage? Or because you looked at my phone without my permission? Or is it because you’re wrapped up in that guy in your house today? Tell me.” He preached to me in a loud voice. Tears began to flow like rainWhat is he preaching to me? I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t

understand why all this was upsetting him. Is January seven days? Does that mean he knows it’s a day? Married in two weeks? How could he remember all this? I mean, he’s always busyDo you want to be a Khadu? He said to me in a whispered voiceNo, but you

know that I didn’t do it on purpose, right? By Allah, I even touched your phone that day to look at the clock and not for anything else. I am speaking in a huff because I am crying. By Allah, I saw a scene in his eyes at this point. Love always betrays you,” he said in a

murmuring voice to himself, But I’ve heard it. Love?What did you say? I asked, wiping away my tearsCal down! He said to me in a fighting voice. What is the problem with it? I ran into my room. I can’t take what he says to me anymoreI don’t want anyone who despises

others. I’m sorry, right? Why does he do this?We got married and in two weeks I went down with his mother and my mother. My mistake is not telling him. But I shouldn’t be blamed here, because he and I didn’t talk then. I apologize for thatI shook hands with the guy I was studying with and that was my fault. He gave me his hand here and said I wouldn’t

embarrass him in front of anyone because we are outside and I gave him my hand there and withdrew my hand here for a few seconds. Again, we are not alone, but we are with Hamad. The action didn’t seem to upset him that dayThe guy who wrapped me up in our house is my grandmother. His mother is my father’s sister. Yet I wasn’t wrapped up in it,

but it was him standing by me who came and wrapped himself up in me, Then what can I do? Hamad has lost sight of the respect and patience I have for him. It’s annoying me right nowI lay down to sleep with that thought, even though it took me a while YKL



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