I have to lay this note down hereDemetin acts on the drama qooyI went to his room on the ground and when I looked at him, he was still sitting locked up. Badin is still angry with me for some reason I don’t know. Hamad

whatever you want, let’s talk and make a plan please open the door” In a hoarse voice. I don’t want him to see my weakness, but he’s seen me twice at once and now he doesn’t care because he’s my husband tehe I wasn’t writing it in my head while I knew it, but I’m

telling myself nowBut do you think he’ll just be an old man for me? My heart told meWell, I think I’m stuck with a guy who makes like a baby. Why didn’t you see Hamad as I’m head over heels for you?I am crying so much right now. Love is stupid. I had made a promise to

myself that I would not fall in love with anyone since Job did this to me, But my husband has managed to break through the wall of my heart as he isI went downstairs to drink water. Alhamdulillah Asia is not there. My eyes are so red and like blood because I am crying so

much. I washed my face and drank water and went back to my roomI called my sister sumayya to forget Hamad. My mother told me that she was two months pregnant, and I haven’t congratulated her yetWhen the phone rang twice, she said Assalaamu Aleeykum Sis


Have you forgotten me since you married hamaad? Hamad are serving you so wonderfully saha kha you forgot your dearest sister” She said to me without interrupting. She loves talking so muchHahaha Sister, first of all, I forgot you, I still think the person who

called you was me. Secondly, Yes hamaad is serving me wonderfully, thirdly, Sister I have only you and I have no place to forget youAwww Sister! I’m so glad you found such a good husband.” She said to me. She has no idea what I’m in forYeah you’re right, how’s your Hanif doing? I shouldn’t have been angry

with you two, I shouldn’t have called you.” I foughtYes, I am safe, Assalaamu Aleeykum” I am saying to you. What is the reason you are angry with us? She said to meHow can you tell me that you are two months pregnant? Khalaas already stopped counting on me at all and told me about this, right? I preached to

him. I’m getting angry at khiyyanWooow Sister, Slow down! We realized I had a turn last night and I told the public today. I called you this evening to tell you but I think you called me first and the people told you. So there’s nothing to be angry about.” She said to me with a laugh.Excuse me! I am very happy for you. I have no doubt that you are going to

be a good mother and father, congratulations my sister, I love you and hold back the tears. What is the reason I am being so emotional today?I love you too.” She said to me. Then we talked about different things because it was 1 o’clock. I was very happy. I had forgotten

about hamaad for a whileGoodbye Sister, say hello to Hamad.” She hung up before I could answerWe are at 7:26 when I look at the leading clock. I’d rather sleep because I’m praying Isha’ I lay down and thought about Hamadi and what we had

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