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Anyway, I won’t apologize to her first, but she has apologized to me, hasn’t she? Uuff What should I do now?Khalaas I have to learn to sleep alone, Yeah I have to work on this nowEven though I thought I was old enough

to sleep, I still couldn’t sleep. When I looked at the clock it was 4:15 Am. Ooh no so far right? Why didn’t this hour go soon?I opened the door and went there through the nahla room. I don’t have to knock on the door, How do I know if she’s asleep? If I hit him, will he fall asleep? What if you don’t live to sleep? What if you’re mad at me? Oh, my God! What if you kick me out of my room? What if you tell me you don’t want to see your face tomorrow? I

got dizzy and started to panicI stopped for about 10 minutes before the room and slowly opened the door because it wasn’t locked and went inside without a single doubt. I think she fell asleep because the room was dark. Oh Alhamdulillah! I went to the bedside table and turned on a small light next to the bed so I

could see her face. Wahi, my Lord! Tears are drying on her face. Did you sleep in tears?Oh! I couldn’t be a good husband or even a good son. My mother advised me so much not to be like I am now. I couldn’t believe what I had done to her when I thought back. I’m still sheenahut the day I first fought you on our

wedding day, what about now? Her face kha dry on tears I will disappear from sight. Oh, my God!Sorry baby, By Allah, I didn’t mean all that. Of course I was angry with you, but that’s because I was jealous. I feel like I’m fighting you like this bubbles please don’t get mad at me. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that and I apologize yet again. By Allah, I can’t

sleep without you. I’ll tell you””””… No, I’m not saying I didn’t hear you. I want to tell her in a special way while she listens to me, not her sleeping angry at me. I slowly kissed her forehead and Malla and lips and said i miss you Red baby.” As I looked at her I saw tears falling on her hands and I realized that tears

were flowing from meAm I crying? NopeHow many years later is there a terrible cry for a woman?… No khun is not crying but tears!!! By Allah, I love her as my soulI wiped my tears and went back to my room. It is almost dawn and I need to sleep now. I lighted my heart and lay on the bed and went into the khane

with the photos. She is so gorgeous ???? She is so gorgeous on a khaase that she didn’t know about herselfMaasha AllahNow I am acting like a disorderly person. But what am I interested in that I myself am angry with my wife.


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