then I went downstairs. I told Nahla I would be down in 10 minutes and I stayed for 35 minutes and came. Nahla and Hamad hamaad khuteehis in the mosque I continued to do the hiraat except I stopped in the middle

and prayed maghrib and went back to itAfter I finished working and presented it, as I was on the table, my phone rang. My mother called me aww I denied it and thought of herAs soon as I picked up the phone, hello, Assalaamu

AleeykumWa’aleeykum salaam my son how are you? She told me. Hello Alhamdulillah how are you? I asked the guy. Alhamdulillah I am fine and is your husband fine? She told meYes I am safe Alhamdulillah do you think

of me or forget me? I asked the guyNo we didn’t think of you” instead we never lived the life we ​​are living now Sis” said hisham. I think it’s a phone that eats up the volumeBro I said we will go out with our parents but not the adopted person to pay for what he told me.

They all laughed with him, including my father, and I laughed with him… I thought of themSis I’ll pay for what you said from you qooy” He said to me without stopping laughingYou two shut up from us now.” My mother saidHow is

Ummi sumeen doing? I asked about my older sister. Yes Alhamdulillah she is safe yesterday she went somewhere with Hani and they will be back tomorrow insha Allah” She said to me. I have been married for only 3 weeks but I

have no knowledge about my family wowHanif is my sister’s husband. Oh well, may God bring him in safelyAmen! I have to go and cook now and stay safe.” Don’t forget to say hello to your husband” She hung upI put the phone on the couch and as I sat down

I saw my husband standing in the room. Wow, I don’t say anything, it’s beautiful. That’s because he’s wearing something that goes from a shirt. Looks like a guy knows how to wear clothes to go from.. is he a boy? My husband He put his hand in the pocket of

his jeans and walked over to mePunish him.” I glanced at him. But he walked over to me quietly and brought a fear into me. My heart started poundingHe reached me and stood a step away from me. Then the smell of shittoo ta khaatu from him blew me awayIs there a

problem you see in me? He stepped over here and stood up to meI looked up and saw that he was staring at me. I stared at him and looked into his big eyes. We stood there for a while until he took his eyes off me and looked awayWe clung to me even more like someone

was going to wrap me up. I have seen that Hamad has no shame at all I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened my eyes and saw the leader looking at me as if he were looking at something strange. What is

this khiyya doing? Uuuh Alhamdulillah he turned away from me and took a deep breath I didn’t know I was taking. Kharaa went there and looked at me here againIn shame, my soul went out of meI would like you to be the leader I am close to.” He said to me. He

looked at me. I said what do you mean. I am going to the mosque by” He said to me laughWell, go in peace and khoottun. I didn’t know what else to say. Well abshir” lock the door and keep me safe too” he khute. I slammed the door and came back here and

sat down on the couchDo I want you to be when I approach you? What does he mean by that?What does this mean? Shame where am I going But what’s the matter he’s my husband miiI got on the floor and went to my room, went to the bathroom, made ablution

and prayed Isha. Then I prayed for my family and I prayed for my husband” May Allah keep us together in a beautiful life.. Now Alhamdulillah we are getting married and I wish you to continue like this insha AllahThen as I went upstairs I heard a knock on the door. No one but Hamad is knocking on the door.

But does he have a lock on the house? I went downstairs and opened the door and let him inside. After I replied with greetings, the house will be cool how are you” He said to meYeah the house is cold did you want cool? I asked the guy. No, no, I’m getting so cold,” he

said to me, a little but kha who was going to hook upBring you some owl tea? I asked the guyHe looked at me with a look of what a peaceful miiI asked you why you look at me like that because it will take the cold out of youDo you know anything else that takes

away the cold? He told me to seeAs soon as I said no I don’t know I realized he was going, a shameless guy. I’m khofleI glanced at him and said us. Why do you, my wife, always shave your hair when I am at home? I’m not forbidden to see you either,” he said, turning

his voice from the playful one to a real oneBekhatuma means… amm. . . . . Umm, he cut me off from the words you lost because you were answering meDo you still treat me like a single person and be afraid of me? He told me. I wanted to say yes but I held myself

back and said no it’s not like that.” I laughed a frightened laughIf not, why do you not know what to say? He told meWhat is it? No, I don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re confused.” He said, laughing. I looked at him. Even though you’re afraid of me, I understand

why you’re afraid of me, I mean, I know it’s going to take time for us to accept each other and stop being afraid of each otherYeah I’m right. I can see the truth in his eyes that he is sad. Or maybe it was my idea, I didn’t knowLet’s go to dinner.” He said to me. Well, I said and we turned faces together and he sat on the next side of the table and I sat on the

other side . The food is very das ja’a wifey” He winked at me. I laughed and said thank youThen I sat down and watched him in the face, how he ate and how he took soap from time to time to clean his mouth. I’m very das six. It is forbidden to look at anyone Nahlaa” He said to me. At this point my heart stopped

working and I thought he was calling my name for the first time. In shame I thought the earth would have cut me down right hereThen I bowed my head and went to eat. Then he laughed at it. When I heard his laughter, my heart pounded. Uh my God what am I doing lately



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