APP Safisaan Hojaatuu fidee dhufe

I sat there for four days, four days without speaking to my wife. That is, not the lack of speech itself, but the horse stuff and so on and so forth and no.” We give everyone a short answer. I don’t want that and I’m going

crazyI can’t go this way so I have to finish this as you are. I’m working on my laptop while I’m at home, not going to work. I am not sleeping peacefully and I am not eating. Losing her to herself made me confused about what to do. She doesn’t seem to have put all this trouble on all the dilas. She always sits in her room

and talks to her mother and her sister and her brother. She plays with Asia in the kitchen whenever she wantsSuddenly she is in the kitchen and if I enter the kitchen she quickly comes out as if she promised not to take a breath with me. She doesn’t even look at me

here, let alone talk to me. I couldn’t understand why she was like this thoughAll this fault is mine and I will sit down to end the problem between us. I can’t stay alone for a single night. I heard my phone screaming in my pocket and I picked it up and saw it was

Faisal and said Assalaamu AleeykumWa’aleekum salaam! How are you doing? I’m je,e. Hello Alhamdulillah how are youAlhamdulillah! How is Nahla doing? He told me. When I heard the name of nahla, my heart pounded. I took a deep breath and said Alhamdulillah she is safe



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