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they don’t drive more than thirty minutes from nahla’s house etc. to our house. Nahla has been crying since she got in the car. After all, I wish Allah to make it easier for us to live with after I thought I had been on the road all my lifeHamad went up before me and I went up under him. The house is not big but the dilas maras is not small and it is beautiful for

someone who is just married. There is a dining room in front of the seating room, followed by a kitchen. There is still a guest room underneath. Upstairs there is a small storage room and two bedrooms. This house is made the way I like itHamad went inside

the house and showed me and then he showed me my room which is facing his room. I don’t think he wants us to be in the same room togetherThe room he told me was yours has a nice bed with a wardrobe and a nice shower with everythingAs soon as I

looked around I saw all my clothes I had packed in the sack next to me, but I don’t know who brought them here from our house. After all, let that person be thanked. Meanwhile I heard a knock on my door and Hamad went upstairsWe will pray go and take ablution” He said to me” wowI said yes and went in to wash my roomAs soon as I made it down I saw him standing with two salad bowls. I opened my shawl and took the hijab

and put it on and stood behind himAllaahu Akbar” He said and prayed. By Allah, my heart was beating gaw gaw at that time. His voice when he recited the Qur’an of Allah, maashaa AllaahWe finished the prayer and prayed that Allah would make this marriage a good marriageAnyway, one of my wishes was

fulfilled. I always wished I could stand behind my husband and prayIf you are in need, call me in front of you with your room. If you want, you can call our maid whom the people brought here from her house and she is in the guest room downstairs and ask her whatever she wants.” He said to me in an angry voice. Well thank you. To be honest I can’t say a

word nowGood night,” he said, giving me a small smile, but I couldn’t tell whether the smile was fake or real. But I didn’t care about it at this pointI changed my clothes kha night and went to put my clothes down in the drawer and put them in the khabat. I finished after an hour and I was tired and the leader looked at the clock and we were arriving at 11:30 midnightI was thirsty and wrapped a

blanket around my head and went downstairs to drink waterI went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, took some cold water and drank a whole glass of water at once without interruptionI was tired during the day and I went back to my room to sleep and as soon as I turned around I saw Hamad standing at the door. What are you doing here? He told meAre you wide or what do you not see? I

said I came down to drink water because I was thirsty. Ooh I’ve already seen you settled in my house.” He said to meWhat do you mean, I said in a hoarse voiceCal down! Don’t try to play this kind of game with me anyway. Is this all your plan? Give me the answer.” He preached to me in a loud voice. Tears began to flow from my eyesNope! I asked why they

planned such a thing while I was stunnedYour head is not healthy.” He said to me in a hateful voice. What have I done wrong? How can this be my fault? O Allah, help meKeep your tears there for later. You sit down to sheenah what you did. You’ll see what’s going to happen.” He said to me and behee khuteI was tired of walking. What am I, O God? Oh, God, help me. I cried as much as I could on this cool kitchen floor. Why am I having all this trouble? Do I

not have the right to be happy? Am I the ugly or the worst person or why is he already fighting me like this? What have I done to him?I should have been the one to be angry. Because it was me whom the guy who should have married disappeared on the wedding day. I don’t think it’s right for me to think that we’re both forced into this marriage and we’re going to live together peacefullyBy Allah, I still love Job. Astaghfirullaah I am married and I should not think of any other man but I cannot stop myself from thinking of Ayyub. We dated for a long time, he was the one who taught

me love, and he helped me read. He also taught me the Surah YasinI wiped away the tears but they refused to stop because they were flowing like water. I remembered a day when Ayub bought me ice cream while I was going to readI asked him if he wanted chocolate ice cream and he said no, take vanilla or mint and he refused to take the one I wantedVanilla was the kind he liked so he ordered the same for himself and for me. You never put it on anyone but yourself. No nahlaa because I love you” he said and made my heart birbir. Then I love you again” He said to meI love you too” please don’t promise me you won’t leave” I said in a hushed voice Baby I will leave you for the whole world. We will be getting married soon. You’re mine please

don’t think you’re leaving me anyway.” He said in a true voice. I smiled and said yesAll these promises remained lies. Everything he told me was a lieA smile came to my nose for this memory but my body is shaking because I cried so much. So I came to my husband’s house the first day and slept on this cold

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