I is very beautiful maashaa AllaahI have been looking into her face for over thirty minutes. I took this opportunity because she was asleep, because if she was listening, she wouldn’t tell me what she was talking about. It’s almost 2Am in the morning but I can’t sleep because I’ve had coffee this

eveningAfter pizza???? and ice cream, we went home immediately. It wasn’t me, but nahla told me we would go in. I did not go to their house, nor did I go to my new friend. Yeah now she’s asleep and I’m just watching herWhat Grandma Hajara did is just not

acceptable. She forgot that she was an adult and was saying everything that couldn’t be said. She is my father’s relative for this name and if I speak I know the words that will

advance the khara so I used to hold myself back and say nothing. Her daughter is like her, she has no punishment for being a mother. I wouldn’t marry her if anything happened. Alhamdulillah, O Allah, you gave me the same nahla. One day that Sa’adan came to our

me dasThe hour is going kha’i” I said and pulled the khumbula down from her face and rubbed my wet face on her faceThink about it later so that you can pay for it from me and now kha’ii ablution I said and clapped my hands togetherHow can an energy person grow up at this hour” She murmured to herself. But I heard what she said????She

forced herself to eat the ground and take ablution and came back here and we prayed together. Alhamdulillah I feel so happyAfter we prayed, Nahla leaned against me here on

my cheek. Now is the beautiful time to pray to Allah to confess all our intentionsO my Lord, guide us to the right path. Remove from us the devil and the jinn and forgive us our sins

O Allah, give us happiness in our lives and make us people who accept what you have given us with Alhamdulillah. Oh, my God! I cannot thank you enough for making Nahla

my wife, Because she can be a good mother to my children. O Allah, help me to protect them and fulfill the responsibilities of an elder and father.” We both said Amen and finished my prayerThen as she wiped my face I saw

her eyes liph liph under each other. When she eats crying, she liph liphs under each other’s eyes. What are you doing now? Please don’t cryI don’t know what to say to thank God for

giving me my husband. I’m really lucky to have you.” She whispered to meNo, you’re lucky because I have you.” I laughedWe immediately talked a little and went back to sleep. The day is Monday and there is no work.

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