Baga Gammadaan

house with her mother and hugged me in front of my mother and Faisal and humiliated me. This kind of thing may not be a problem

for some people, But it doesn’t work for me, not only because it is forbidden to touch a foreigner with your hands but I don’t want this kind of thing in my nature. Since that day, I

have been protecting myself from her lawfully. Yet the bald girl says the same thing in humansI don’t even want Grandma Hajara and her daughter at allFrom now on, if she says anything nahlaan, I promised myself that I would not usnen from her. With the respect I

have for her, her looking at the opportunity is not for me… Since she came this way, we will go together as you knowI wiped Nahla’s face

and kissed her forehead, eyes and lips. I love her so much once. I never told her I loved you but I’m planning to tell her now. I fell asleep while waiting in her face and wrapped my

arms around her The alarm woke me up and I heard Nahla talking in the tent. I turned off the alarm and looked at the clock. It was only 20

minutes before dawn prayer. I got on the floor and went to the bathroom and made ablution and went downstairs. Hey bubbles kha’i we’ll pray” I whisperedUh.. Leave me alone.” She covered herself with khumbula on her face. When the tent speaks, she calls



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