These various papers have filled my table in multiples, and yet all these papers need my signature. Since the guys made me the manager of their company to work for me, I

haven’t stayed here all the time and I’m going to see the workers doing their jobs properly and I’m going to put some horse stuff in placeI sat down and looked at one of the many papers Faisal brought and dropped beside me. Yeah Faisal works with me now.

He is responsible for what goes in and out of the company. My job used to be hands-on khara mouth and I can’t do whatever she wants for my wife. But recently Alhamdulillah

she has been right for me and their company is in talks to start a business with one of them that I am running for myself. While I was looking at the paper and farting, my office

phone rang, I think it was my Deputy callingAs soon as I picked up the phone, I said hello” kha I’m talking to you Hamadi” Good morning Hamad! Don’t forget that our negotiations

with that Japanese company will start in 40 minutes,” my next irfan told me. This is the company I’m talking to to start my own business with



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