Irfaan went upstairs before me and I went upstairs behind him and we both appeared there. My eyes fell on the manager of the company we were going to work with and I saw her looking at the clock. I slowly looked at my watch and saw that it was 3:00pm. We

appeared there less than an hour laterThen I went there and sat down next to the irfan. As soon as I sat down, the company manager said hello Mr. Hamad Mukhtar Saeed, I am

happy to see you” She handed me hereI’m glad to see you too Mrs. Brooklyn james Frankie” But I’m sorry I’m not allowed to shake hands with a womanShe picked up her laptop

and handed it to her deputy. When he brought out their project that they intended to work with us Mr. Hamad said this is our project, if you accept to work with us you will get 30% of the tirfi we get every five months” Mrs. Brooklyn told meI think this work is beautiful. I

don’t think it’s bad if we get 30% of what they get in the beginning and they take 70%. Well, before I give you my answer, give me 15

minutes and I will come back and tell you what I have decided. They said yes to meI whispered to Irfan bro entertain me until I come” I went downstairs from them and went

to my office. Before I get into this job I have to call someone and ask if I’m going to get involved or not I called khaastee hamaad how can you go to work without eating breakfast? She fought me, I told you that if I go home without breakfast I will not leave you!!! I have eaten my food bubbles



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