Hamad Allah stop the moon like this. I am not a child, even though you are the general manager in this company I have a big responsibility too, if something goes wrong

here I am the one who will lose the reputation, so I believe I can fire someone and bring them to work” Wow I think that’s the general manager too!!!Anyway, you’re a little baby to me, so I’ll say I think it’s nice if you discuss

what you’re doing. By Allah, I am so proud of them for growing up to this pointHahaha Yeah anyway, there is nothing to say to a child at work, he said, and before he could finish his words, there was a knock on the doorHistory”

I said down to him, I didn’t even know anyone but useetuman said historyHamad! The discussion starts in 5 minutes. Those Japanese people have come,” Irfan told meWell, don’t wake us up. This discussion is

very important to us. If kha we agree on, it has great benefits for usFaisal said we’ll talk later and Irfa and I went downstairs. Well good luck.” He said to us and he went down and khute another kharaAfter a glass of water, we

took the paper and pencils we needed from the irfan office, and again the laptop and khuned it there to the discussion area. I wish this discussion a nice conclusion.



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