Hamad has not yet entered, may Allah grant him peaceI took my phone out of my pocket and went inside and reached the name I had saved it with “bubbles” But I wondered if I should call him or leave it. As soon as I pressed my finger down to call him” he turned away, I was scared. I was afraid to call my

husband, Our relationship really took five steps backI decided not to call him and called one of our relative’s girlfriends, Hilwaa. She is now 21. I am a year older than herAfter the phone rang four times she khasteti” hello

Nahla! Assalaamu Aleeykum! How are you? Wahi my God I haven’t seen you for a long time and I have been thinking about you, How is your marriage? I wish that my relative’s boy is serving you properly” she stopped without

interrupting the conversation. I thought of her happily and I drankWa’aleekum salaam Hilwaa! Alhamdulillah I am safe, life is beautiful and Hamad is serving me right, I laughYeah it’s good for him to serve you, otherwise I know what I’ll do to him, if he

hurts you, God knows he’ll go home on his left foot when he and I meet.” She laughed. Hilwa is crazy Ooh please don’t think of hurting my beloved husbandHahaha Sittuu didn’t stay hii!!! She laughed as hard as she couldNow that mine is here, how are your husband and boyfriend doing? I asked the guy. She got

married a year and a half ago and already has this wonderful childThey are both safe Alhamdulillah, love is asleep but you would have heard his screams, Yusuf is sucking my legs and he said tell him greetings” She laughed I told you she was crazy

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