Wahi oh my God look so beautiful on this and she started jumping upBaby slowly get off us, I know we look like a bar with this photo and walk over to the dining area in a tired voiceShe’s taking photos, and I’m hungryI was just about to eat my breakfast when Nahla

came and sat in front of me. She is still going through the same photo. Don’t you eat? I asked.” With food in my mouthBubbles! Expect food discipline.” She told me. I glanced at it. I ate before you fell asleep. I said yes and finished my mealI told them to go to Umma

and others today because they couldn’t go yesterday and don’t get readyWell, I know we’re going to go.” She looked at me softlyPlease girl! You and I know that you can’t read human minds, so in the future, if I tell you something, take it for a month.” I picked up my phone and started taking

pictures of her unconsciously AllaahAre you jealous that I can read your mind? She said to me, laughingI know you can’t, why should I be jealous? I said and took the tirin I ate at the food and khute there by the other side of the kitchen. When I get back here, Nahla has

locked all the stars in the living room and is sitting on the couch watching her national geography. Red baby! There is no light but the light from the TV screen and the ground will not darken. I don’t even understand why she cut the starIs it true from you or hamaad? You say darkness, right? I closed the star and I can see the ground right. Now let’s go look at

national geography and sit down.” She told meYou are not acceptable to you except what you want for yourselfYour legs don’t hurt while you’re standing come and sit down baby green” She said to me instead of answering what I askedI don’t like baby green and I’d

rather you call me bubbles. Malla sucked me and you my husband I will call you whatever I want hamaad” She said. I sat down next to her and she leaned against me and I took her hand in my hand and we looked at her

national geography with khanumanNational geography is very das six today.” She told me after we finished lookingYou say everything to you immediately, I saidYou annoyed me baby green” She said to meYes, I’m angry with you,

now go and get ready, it’s time to go to your ummaa etc. and we’ll be back before sunset. What is the reason for our early return? She asked meIt’s a surprise so I won’t tell you now sweetheart.”I wouldn’t have told you so much about your surprise if it wasn’t for your beauty

today.” She said to me a little seriouslyDoes that mean I just looked good to you today? You’re hurting me sweetheart” I said and we both laughed together and khutte ran through our room to get readyI will never forget such a time for the rest of my life. Oh God

AlhamdulillahWhile I was waiting for her, I went to our room to see if she was coming out, and when I entered, she was standing in front of the mirror. Awesome!Hiii What are you looking forward to? She told meI said we knew you were standing in front of the

mirrorYou know that Alhamdulillah” She laughedNow stop joking please hurry upWell, here’s the ready.” She said to meWe left the house and got in the car and we arrived at



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