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now you can come down nahlaa” he preached dakhasi up to me hamaad. He sat me here from 7:00pm till now, we are now at 10:03pm. I mean I have been sitting here for 3 hours I still don’t know what he’s doing. I would have hid in the closet and watched what was going on but Hamad locked the door and kept me from going out, because of this I had to sit

our bedroom for 3 hours When I heard his voice calling me, I jumped up happily and closed the door behind me. How can I get down? Je’een. I’m unlocking the door and open the door.” He said to me. I closed the laptop I was spending time watching various videos so far and passed by and went downstairs quickly Why is the house here dark hamaad? I asked as I got closer to going down and threw myself down to khufu. Hamad grabbed me and slowly the moon

bubbles.” He helped me to stand up straight Why like…… As soon as I said that, I stopped what I was going to say before I finished Hamad turned on the light and stood by the coffee table. The seating room is so beautifully decorated, The lady’s box is full of caraway seeds, there are so many fruit juices and cakes, Red apples are sprinkled on the floor like a fig tree, I was happy to realize that I had a special place in his heart and tears of joy began to flow down my cheeks Surprise” Hamaad said standing behind me I turned around and lost my voice for what to say and just looked at him in admiration and affection. Tears continue to flow from my eyes Hey!

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What’s the matter? Didn’t you like what I did? He said to me in a frightened voice, wiping the tears from my eyes with his fingers. Is he playing? Why don’t I like something like this?I wrapped it up and thank you hamad, please don’t even offend me but what’s the arrangement? I asked, still scared inside. We don’t celebrate birthdays and marriage anniversaries, but even if we did, neither of these are today You started your thing, why do you want to destroy the mirqaana in us? He told me to see. Again ousman I didn’t answer

and he moved away from me and took me by the hand and led me to the table with the cake on it. As soon as I got to the cake I saw two hammers, One said congratulations on getting here together bubbles” and the other said I love you” What, Does that mean he loves me? My heart must be prank you because the person we are talking about is hamaad.” She said to meI turned around and saw him staring at me. I stirred the nyara and he handed me an ashangulli and he looked at me with a look I couldn’t tell what it was I took

the white ashes he gave me and saw that she had a picture of a red heart in the middle of her chest, on top of this heart it was written if you live with someone for the rest of your life kha can you be that thing for me? There is a saying. As I read this article over and over again, tears closed my eyes and my eyes could not see Hamad wiped my tears again and kissed me on the forehead Congratulations on getting here together

baby” he whispered and turned me around to tie a beautiful necklace around my neck. There is the letter H&N” on the necklace that starts with our name Is this guy planning to make me die of a heart attack in happiness?

Thank you bubbles” I have nothing else to say to you” I said in a hoarse voice. I felt bad for not buying him a queen He wiped my face and made me look him in the eyes and then he said… Don’t worry about buying me a queen because you didn’t know I was going to do this, Besides, nothing like that is a big deal so don’t worry about this.” He said, staring at me. I smiled at him and as soon as I opened my mouth to answer, he put his finger on my nose and silenced me and continued talking to himself Thank you for sitting with me when you had a reason to leave me, Thank you for

making all the commands loosen up for me especially when life is hard for me, I always remind myself that you and I are not perfect because there is no perfect human being I promise, And I promise to always remind myself that we are both perfect for each other. Nahlaa! You are one of the most encouraging people in my life, I love you

Nahla, I love you so much” He said to me with these tearful eyes. I looked into his eyes and he put his face to mine and continued talking againI’m sorry for hurting you soon, we’ll take baby steps in our lives and get closer that way.” I know we promised each other, But believe me it’s not intentional,” said the breathless hamad to me. Tears began to flow from me like rain Hamad” When I said it again he cut me off and wiped the tears from my

mouth nahlaa! You are so beautiful” Yeah you don’t need to give me any answer now, Even if I lived my whole life to hear that word from you” He said to me. Nose I’ll put my finger in it and let’s eat this cake” to get out of the emotion we’re in a little bit Khofleeti hayyee” He said to meOccasionally we talked and ate and put what we had eaten there in front of us and stared at each other in the face for a few minutes Thank you for all the gifts you gave me Hamad especially this necklace made me very happy” in a soft voice. Thank you don’t

lose wake us up now we will sleep” He picked me up and we went to our room O Allah Alhamdulillah! For rewarding me with such a good husband. I really don’t know what good deeds I have done to find such a man for my husband. Praise be to Allah the Almighty for all We both changed into our pajamas and lay down on the bed, Hamad wrapped his arms around me and said good night sweetheart” He fell asleep GAAT

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