Hojiin kenyaa yeroo kamuu appiwan Garaa-garaa isiinif maxxasiinaa

You’d better call me bubbles rather than green baby.” He told me that day. I remembered this and a smile came to my noseBut now that

we’re really back here, what’s going on with me that’s making me like this? I have never experienced anything like this before, Even the day Ayyub disappeared from me on the day we should have been marriedMaybe I’m the bad guy, or I have the lack of a wife that prevents me from being human, Maybe hamaad has been tired of me for three

months and a half and he hates me. O Allah, you help meI tried to forget my thoughts, because there was no point in thinking about themAllah has khatabe us that we should marry. So they didn’t come together by mistake anywayI fell asleep with the I woke up to the knock on my door. I’m coming with my eyes wide open to cut this duck off.” He

looked at the clock. It’s 11:8 wowHamaad opened the door with wishes and Asia was standing at the door. I have no luck. After all, Asia is a good person and not a problemSorry madam for bothering you! Hamad told me to deliver the rally and I didn’t know you were asleep.” When she told me I saw her standing with a tray full of food. Did he tell you to

deliver the food? I asked. I wanted to find outShe said yes to me.” Like a troubled personI told her to bring me food hahaI know he can’t stay angry with me for long. After all, my wish is to see him smileOh! Thank you, And you go and take a deep breath.” I took the tray from the food and put it on top of the cereal. Thank you and she smirked at meI ate

a whole meal without a little. I didn’t know how hungry I was until now. May Allah bless Hamad and AsiaI took the tire and took it to the kitchen and as I turned here to go back to my room I went into something, but a little bit I grabbed a piece of iron and got out of the khufu. Uhhh I closed my eyes and said AlhamdulillahI opened my eyes and saw

Hamad walking towards me looking me in the eye. He took my hand and made me stand up straightUseetuman was tormented but there doesn’t seem to be a dilas mara problem between us. Leave me alone and take care of yourself for the future.” He told meI looked him in the eye and said sorryHe glanced at me and bit his teeth together. I was scared this time


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