Bro I’ve been thinking about you lately.” He said to me. I couldn’t believe my ears and laughed at himMy brother, stop walking around and don’t tell me what you want. I knew from his conversation that he had called me for Hajj. So he talks like a peaceful

personHe said yes and khoflee my car broke down and there is a repair shop can you send me your car? He told meI know you called me for something, why don’t you send it from your friends? Is it sick of you? While you are there,

send ta my friends? He told me. Well, take the khottu, but don’t know if you have to restore my health without destroying my carDon’t overwhelm me with messages like the elders.” He said to me. Well, you’re already stubborn, hurry up and take the lockAwww you don’t

want me to come and ruin the beautiful time you’re having with your wife so you’re out there? I can’t believe myself alone and I’ll look at the old woman on my own.” He said to me. Oh my God, this is not the peaceful Faisal who just spoke but the Faisal I know just

cameWe’ll talk about this when you get a wife.” I laughed, even though he didn’t see me. Then as soon as he threw a word I said goodbye bro” He cut off the phone. Now I have to go and finish this thing between me and NahlaAs soon as I went upstairs and

entered her room, I saw Nahla going out of the room. She is wearing black underwear and tops. Very beautiful maashaa Allaah. Our eyes met and she quickly looked down from meWhere are you going as soon as you eat to get out? I asked the guyOutside.” She gave

me this brief replyCan we talk before you go out? I asked fearfullyNo, we have nothing to talk about, she said and walked away from me. Please don’t encourage me to talk and don’t listen to me. She ate to say something and I sneezed and she avoided what she was going to sayI looked at her eagerly thinking she

would probably feel sorry for me and she turned around to look at me here and leave. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back up into the room and held him against the wall. My eyes are still on her face. I said stop and we’ll talk in a comforting voice.

Otherwise, you will not agreeShe said yes to me. I was happy in my heartWe went and went to the chair room and before I sat down I said sorry, I don’t know where to start, it’s my fault for fighting you like this, you may even forgive me for this, but I want you to know that I am sincerely apologizing I’m sorry for

everything, bubbles.” I looked up into your face and our eyes met. At this point my voice was hoarse and my eyes were filled with tearsIf you keep quietly answering me please I will correct my mistake and give me a chanc

at onceBut is it luck that you judged me verbally? What do you say to me? Is it an ashaangulli or did you think I was a child’s toy? Or did you tell me you could write whatever you wanted on a piece of paper and then slip it off? The day before we got married you fought with me like this and you

apologized and I forgave you and we have been living peacefully ever since. What do you think? Did you think that when you made the same mistake again, he would just forgive you and everything would be back to normal? No, hamaad! There is no such thing.” She is

speaking softly but her words are beating my heartNo, nahlaa! I’m not saying everything is right with this lady but believe me this is your fault, you shouldn’t have done all thatAgain


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