How to process mortgage loans for foreigners in Mexico and Mexicans living abroad

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Find out below how mortgage loans work for foreigners and for Mexicans living abroad

In case you are a foreigner living in Mexico and you are looking to acquire a loan to obtain a home, or you are a Mexican living outside the country and you want to grow your assets in another country, these are all the details to be able to acquire a mortgage loan for foreigners living in another country.

The reasons that drive a person to leave their native country and go live abroad are diverse; Whether for family, work or academic reasons, people may be interested in acquiring real estate in another country.

Mortgage loans for foreigners in Mexico

Mexico has been the cradle of investment for those foreigners who seek to obtain a home in a place that houses culture, commerce, gastronomy and various opportunities. However, in order to make this possible, a series of steps must be carried out, since, although it is not impossible, the requirements and restrictions are greater than those that a Mexican is subjected to.

In order to achieve the acquisition of a property, it must be carried out under an agreement entered into with the Federal Government, through the Calvo Clause. This agreement dictates that they agree to consider themselves as nationals with respect to said goods.

Likewise, within article 27 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, it is stated that foreigners are allowed to acquire real estate in Mexico, as long as they are private properties.

In the aforementioned agreement, it is established that the protection of their respective governments is waived for the resolution of any problem in relation to the property, running the risk of losing the property or the investment in case of violating the agreement.

In order to acquire a property in Mexico, the foreigner must request a permit for the acquisition of real estate directly from the General Directorate of Legal Affairs in Mexico, belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This procedure is carried out through an application that includes the applicant’s migratory information, as well as his personal data. All these procedures must be carried out under the supervision and guidance of a specialized legal representative to carry out the agreement.

For this agreement there are two exceptions; the first, corresponds to parcels or ejido land and the second, to real estate located in the restricted zone, which corresponds to strip 100 km along borders and 50 km wide at the coasts. If the property will be within said limit, it is necessary to constitute a trust carried out by means of a public deed. If the home is not within the restricted area, the procedures regarding expenses and taxes will be carried out in the same way as it works for Mexicans.

Mortgage loans for foreigners in Mexico must have the FM2 or FM3 migratory format, as well as have a minimum length of stay living in the country, a valid passport, be of legal age, be able to verify income, and also have a good credit history. both in their country of origin and in Mexico.

If the foreigner is listed with the Institute of the National Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit) or with the Housing Fund of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (Fovissste), he can carry out a co-financing of the mortgage loan. ; If you meet these requirements, you can apply for a mortgage loan in Mexico without any problem.

Once you have the credit application and permission from the General Directorate of Legal Affairs in Mexico, you can go to one of the 2 options for mortgage loans for foreigners in Mexico :

  • BBVA
  • Yahweh


This is one of the banks that offer you the opportunity to grant mortgage loans to foreigners in Mexico ; The requirements to apply for this credit are:

  • Being a foreign natural person
  • The dwelling must be for residential use, that is, a house or apartment already built
  • Have the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Registration at the ( NRFI) National Registry of Foreign Investment

The benefits of this mortgage loan for foreigners in Mexico are: patrimonial autonomy, impartiality, 50 years extendable, these homes are unattachable and the contract is sealed before a notary public.


Before Smart Lending, it is a platform for granting mortgage loans 100% online, only presence is required during the signing of deeds. This credit offers you a fixed interest rate, credit approval in 12 hours and obtaining the home in less than 1 month; advice and review of the property to prove that everything is in order, in addition to granting a larger loan than that offered by a bank.

The requirements are:

  • Minimum age of 21 years and maximum of 75
  • Minimum amount of 500 thousand Mexican pesos
  • Monthly income of at least 15 thousand pesos per month
  • The minimum value of the property must be 700 thousand pesos, and a maximum of 15 million pesos
  • Check payroll income or some salary scheme; 3 months of pay stubs and 3 months of account statements
  • List before the SAT and have a Federal Taxpayer Registry number (RFC)
  • Credit history in the country
  • Permanent or temporary residence (FM3 and FM2)
  • Valid passport

Mortgage credit for Mexicans living abroad

Your home in Mexico

This program is a collaboration between the Mexican government through the National Housing Commission (Conavi) and the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF), the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME), private mortgage companies and housing development agencies for the acquisition of real estate in Mexico from abroad.

This program allows Mexicans to purchase a new or used property from abroad, through a mortgage loan. Credit payments are made by means of transfers to the chosen bank or credit institution, without the need for it to be made in person.

With this type of financing, the immigration status of the credit applicant does not matter, and the entire process can be carried out from the United States; but, for this, the support of a relative of the applicant within the country is necessary. The minimum amount granted is 180 thousand pesos; and the rates and payments are fixed with terms of up to 20 years.

And the requirements are:

  • being mexican
  • Being of legal age
  • Demonstrate income that is not less than four times the monthly payment of the credit
  • Demonstrate job stability and verify that you had a job in the last two years
  • Have a family member in Mexico to serve as support
  • Proof of current address abroad
  • Have a copy of official Mexican identification
  • curp
  • Birth certificate
  • Credit request

Now you know the requirements to apply for a mortgage loan for foreigners in Mexico , or if you are Mexican and you are living outside the country. Get to know the real estate offer in the country with Vivanuncios, the most important real estate portal in Mexico.


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