How To Earn Money Online from Home In Morocco

Dollar and Computer

Today we will explain a reliable global site which will help you Earn Money online from Home in Morocco,specialized in the field of tourism, as you know, the tourism sector is the second income-generating sector in Morocco, so do not underestimate what we will explain in this topic, many people earn thousands of dollars through this wonderful site, which specializes in hosting foreign tourists Those who wish to visit a country and spend a holiday as guests of a foreign family.




The site is keen to verify the identity of the guests and guarantees you your full rights, and the good behavior of the guests who contact you before coming to agree on all the details, and you also benefit from insurance of up to one million dollars on any (accidents, God forbid). Therefore, working on this site is safe and secure, and there are no problems or concerns about receiving guests. You can also rent a room, a shared bed, or an entire house, whatever it is, even in the countryside and villages. There are tourists who love the experience of living in the village…, you can earn money online which will be more than 7,000 dirhams for receiving 4 people in a house or room, and more than 3,500 dirhams for one person.


beautiful is not it ? Of course, you can rent your entire house or only a certain room in it. Otherwise, you will gain the experience of learning about the culture of others coming from other countries, and even more than that, you may learn a specific language only and through your contact with them, in general all of these things remain It is linked to each person and his thinking style, and we go through what is important and the method of registering on the site in order to display your home or a room of it on the site. Via your email or just log in with your account on Facebook or on Google Plus. You will not lose anything if you try this site, But instead you will ern money online from your Home.


Then you click on ‘Become a Host’ and choose the type of housing you have, is it an apartment or a house to something else, then you determine the type of rent, is the whole house or a private room, then the number of people and the city in which the house is located, and to the right The page specifies how long you want the tenant to stay and click Continue.


After that, you will specify the number of bathing places in the house or available, as well as the bed, and then click on Next. A new window will pop up for you, enter the address of the house and then a short description of the latter, and you will move to entering the address of the house (here you enter the address very carefully and with the smallest details) otherwise The site will ask you to specify some things that you may have at home, such as the possibility of having an air conditioner, the Internet, a television.. This stage is considered as a survey consisting of a set of questions that you must answer, frankly, all of this in English, of course! You can use Google Translate:


Then you upload some photos of the house, which are mandatory, and set the price for one day, and you enter your personal photo and phone number to verify you personally and click on the beautiful ‘List Space’.. Now you can set a price every day and you may raise the price At the end of the week, you have a choice.


And through the dashboard, you can reach any notification if someone requests a reservation or something else. The site gives you a discount code that you can get when you invite a friend to you through the referral link, and the value of the discount is $ 25 that you can use when you want to go or rent A specific house, for receiving the profits or ern money, you can select the means by which you want to receive the profits on the site, such as the bank transfer to your personal account, by clicking on your name, then ‘Account Settings’, then ‘payout preferences’, after that ‘add payout method’ and enter your own information.


Register today and don’t miss this opportunity. Thousands of respectable tourists are waiting for new offers and the hospitality of Moroccans is scientifically known. And the site is old since 2008 and it is a giant company based in the United States of America. So why still sitting and browsing just social media, When you can just earn money online from home just by twik of simple registration process?


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