I want to see Jalal so insha Allah I will come and see you soon and I will lick my ice creamYou always say you’ll come but you never came let’s see.” She said. I said you wouldn’t have said that if you saw how I was staring at you. Hahaha I told you so you

wouldn’t say I’d come again she saidAbshir will not be left out when my love falls asleep and I say kiss me a hundred timesWhile we were talking, there was a knock on the door. Sorry hilwaa I have a guest and I said goodbye and see you later. Well goodbye sister” She said to meI cut the phone and wrapped a

blanket around my head to open the doorI opened the door and saw my husband standing at the door. Doesn’t he have a lock or does he always knock on the door when he comes out?Are you not happy to see me? He told me to go insideI said I was happy and looked at the ground. I didn’t want to show a

bright face so he wouldn’t think we were back to normalOh yeah! I went to my mother and she told me to come and say salaam to her.” He told meOh well, insha Allah I will call him later.” I closed the door and went up to the kitchen with himWould you like ice cream? I asked the guyNo thanks.” He said to me with

a smile. I smiled at him. His smile was very once das sixWhat were you doing? He asked me, “What is it?”I watched a comedy show in prayer and Hisham called me and after they parted I ate ice cream and then I called hilwa and said” take a dry piece of hair from him. I

fell on it while walking kharaaOh well, Hisham called me too.” My husband said to meIs it really? I laughed that they had a free card today. Hamad looked at me in silence. What’s the problem with the squint? he saidVery

beautiful maashaa Allaah” he said and kissed me in the chestI slipped into it. Won’t you say a nice word to me too? He told meI said you won’t say anything and kept the khofla down insideIs it just that much? He told meI said,

‘EenI’m not good.” He said to me, shaking his nose like a baby going to cryI glanced at him and told him not to act like a child. She went here to me and sucked me but I’m yours.” He

said to me and turned awayGood night.” I poured my room and slammed the door. That’s how we’ve been lately.

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