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Online Car Auction:When You can withdraw from the Purchase

Is the purchase in an online car auction final or not? Does the buyer retain the option to withdraw from the decision?

There is no doubt that participating in an online car auction presents risks. Or rather, the level of guarantee for those who win the vehicle is certainly lower than that guaranteed for those who rely on traditional channels of sale. In some ways it is the game of the parties as the possibility of buying one or more cars at a competitive price is balanced by the risks that must be taken. Mind you, it is by no means certain that the car purchased in an online auction will have faults or defects . 

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Quite the contrary, even in the B2B context. However, the certainties that the buyer can rely on are lower. This is why it becomes interesting to understand how and when you can withdraw from the purchase made in an online car auction . Remembering well that there are two types of formulas: with or without auction . So let’s go into the details to understand how it works.


There is a basic distinction to be aware of when it comes to an online car auction . This is the one between auction at auction and auction without auction . The difference is of fundamental importance because it affects the way the procedure works and therefore the award of the vehicle. The online auction car auction consists of a real upward bid. In a nutshell, the vehicle ends up in the hands of those who present the most economically convenient offer. But with a clarification: the auctioneer establishes (or rather, communicates) the auction base before the start of the tender.

 It is nothing more than the minimum sale price to win the car. Change the method of submitting the offer in the case of aauction without charm . In fact, the participants deposit their economic proposal in a sealed envelope. Only when all bids are opened will it be discovered who has won the car, complete with an indication of the method of payment and the delivery date . However , as we will see in the next paragraph, the rules on withdrawal from the purchase of the vehicle are common.


Compared to this context, the room for maneuver for the buyer participating in an online car auction is rather limited. In fact, the question of withdrawal revolves around the guarantee . There is no type of insurance on vehicles awarded through this procedure. It matters little whether the auction was organized with or without enchantment. In other words, whatever the conditions of the vehicle, the successful bidder becomes the owner. 

Said even more clearly, he cannot withdraw from the purchase made through an online car auction . He cannot do it even if, once he gets on board and starts the vehicle, problems of various kinds arise. The costs for the repair, whatever they are, are charged to the successful bidder. In short, unforeseen events and malfunctions are around the corner and consequently it is necessary to participate in an online car auction with this awareness. 

Indispensable even in the event that the renewal of a company fleet is involved and therefore participation takes place in the most elaborate B2B environment .


Knowing well that it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase in the context of an online car auction as the rule of “seen and liked” is valid , it is useful to understand where the uncertainties arise. The reason is very simple. Vehicles that end up at auction are often the result of foreclosures and seizures as well as bankruptcies . Although the Ministry of Justice publishes and updates a web page with the list of authorized sitesIn organizing online auctions, unpredictability is a factor to be taken into account. 

In fact, it may happen to come across cars in good, if not optimal, condition, as well as vehicles that clearly need maintenance. Of course, there is no shortage of opportunities to do real bargains as well as to find vintage cars , but attention must always be maximum. In fact, let’s not forget another important procedural step. Anyone interested in participating in an online car auction cannot carry out any inspections. And neither at the same time take a test drive to test the conditions.

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