Osoo tuuriin Amumaa bufadhu SAFISAAN HOJJATAA

You remembered what yes yes and looked at me. Peace” she said and she answered me with a voiceless voice and before I looked here I carried the kitchen.Nahla and Hamad realized that the sun was bright on the face

and that it was the time for me to sleep. I was trying to open my eyes to the sun of the Sitara and I saw myself under a soft knifeWhat! Khumbula?Where are I? I remember what I remember Hamad fighting me and sitting and thinking about what we had with AyyubDid I sleep on the cold cup pill? Yes, I slept there. I have

drunk it or how do I forget how I thought my old man had fought me and sat on the land of the holder? I then know that I was slept on the cold ground? Then if you are, how can I live on this bed now? I rolled the eyes of the leadership watching the clock at 12:5pmWhat is it? Without a little, Zuhr reached and I didn’t

pray dawn. Oh my LordI ran quickly and entered the bathrom and made ablution and made ablution and came back here and prayed Subhi and prayed for the forgiveness of Allah because I did not pray on him. Then I prayed for Allah to help us move this marriage forwardI am ready to give this marriage for a

chance but why does he refuse? I really want to forget the past and start a new life. I don’t want to think about Ayyubs anymore, so I want to forget him because I am married. I will pray for the forgetting of someone they love but it is not weak and Allah will make me forget meHe is now forgetting the qaxa about me if he wants to! Without thinking about it,

tears fell from my left eye. I quickly deleted it. I promised my head that I would not be proud of him after this. Now I have an old man who has his responsibility to be on meBut can I forget? I will try, I hope I will forget him. Just because I forgot him does not mean that the world is overI forced her to the ground and

took the shawara of the oak and rushed my teeth. Then I wore Black Abaya and White Foods. I know it is not a problem even if I see my hair because I have nikah from me but there is another thing between me and himI didn’t bother with something and I didn’t bother myself and I blown a shit on myself

and went down under the house. As soon as I went there to the Kushina, I saw Hamad and I was sitting in a heart and talking on the phone. I think he is talking to him, and if he is talking to him, what does he know!!!No matter what the father, what did I khaayyaaI didn’t want him to see me so I slowly halaw and

went up to the kitchen. I’m also looking for me,n’t he, wouldn’t he?Assalaamu Aleeykum Worned” she read me and said that a little woman in the age of adult in the kushiiraa. Wa’aleeykum salaam my name is nahla” told her that she was wounded because I didn’t want her to call me.I am assessed by Aasiad Madaam Nahlaa” I am happy to see you,” she

said, and she said, I think it’s a good person and we’ll look at the leadership there well. Thank you, please, please call me by my name, but don’t let me make me adaam, yeah, I am happy to see you,” I said, and I said.I said, ‘Set me to give me what das you das. She looked at me and she said to me. There is a

joy in her eyes but I don’t know what’s happy with herIn the middle, I saw Hamad in and saw it rif without thinking about it. They have the intention of doing what the person does not have a respect for others. Assalaamu Aleeykum” said in a horrible voiceWa’aleeykum salaam nahlaa” Did you stay in peace? He told me that nothing is

nothing but something that happens. He speaks with one heart!She’s sitting for sheenahuu, all this is your plan” and he said to me he is mile?I didn’t want Asian what was between us and I ran quickly and knew it up

on the house. I didn’t want to see my tears as Hamad was crying yesterday and Hamad was crying yesterday. But before I went up to the rock and blocked the door, I took my hand on the door and dragged me here and closed the

door behind myselfI wrapped me up and cried on his neck and wet his shamiza. But I wasn’t wrapped in my hand and I stopped hanging down, but I didn’t get away from itI was displaced from me there in a minute and wiped away tears from me and kissed me in the forehead. What does it mean

What did I sehe instead of it? ashangulliititii is me sehe? I fought me like this yesterday and now I wrap me wrapped in me and kiss me in the forehead instead! I’m sorry” he said” he said he’s back here in the thought. Is it sorry? hhhh sorry how?In the meantime, we heard the

Azan of Zuhr. Alhamdulillah khahaum is the call to be called, I am not understanding what he is saying at this timeLet’s pray! I have ablution and do you have it? I said to me. No, I don’t have itSeeqeti yes wait for you go and ablution” he told me.What is he doing? I don’t

understand his thoughts! Hayyee, I entered the Bathrom and I ablution and I behe. Hamad qaxa sijaaja is standing afee standingI wearing my hijab and praying together for the second time. I was happy when we left the prayer, not because I prayed with my old man

but because I prayed for them to live in happiness for themNahlaa” I am sorry for the battle of my khiyyiyya who fought you yesterday, by Allah then I don’t know what I’m, but believe me I use everything I said but I don’t have any thoughts, I don’t prepare about

the wedding I was angry for this and used to use what came to my mouth but by Allah not thought of it please forgive me, I am ready to give me a chance and you have given them a chance and will you try to move forward with

me?Then what should I do now? Is he really saying what he is saying or is he convinced me and is he going to play with me? Look at your luck and see that I am telling the truth,” my heart told me.If he is ready to give us a chance for this marriage, why not give him a

chance? Would we both have been forced to enter it? So I don’t think you’re a problem for giving the opportunityHamad What you did yesterday hurt me. But since you have the opportunity to give the opportunity to give this marriage, I will give him a chance. But I say

don’t fight me and tell me bad words, I’ll say don’t make a promise to me. I don’t want me to catch me with tears before him but I can’t stop my tearswahi, my Lord! I have a promise to you for everything you said and I have promised me not to be proud of the morning” he told me tears wiped me. I slipped with it.


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