wahi, O my Lord! I promise you everything you said and promise me not to cry tomorrow” He said wiping my tears. I laughed. I hope it will be a new beginning for us insha Allah.Nahla

later……..I had hurt him very much. Insha Allah, I wish I don’t hurt her in the future. She has allowed herself to hold this marriage with me and strengthen it, so I wish that all the strong commands will be weakened for us. O Allah, help us, without Your help there will be no

benefit for usAfter talking to Nahla for a while, I went to buy rations because Asia had told me. She is our daleydu but I treat her like our family and I have great respect for herI called Faisal while I was on my way to buy rations. He quickly khased me like someone sitting there waiting for my phone. It may be,

because the person we are talking about is a face “Yo! Bro Assalaamu Aleeykum” He said to me as soon as he hung up, I looked over and saw that he was snorting with his nose open from ear to ear. Crazy guyWa’aleeykum salaam” how are you? I askedAlhamdulillah

my brother” what is life like with a wife? He asked me in a happy voice. His question made me laugh like a woman’s question. What made you laugh? He said to meNot as I thought it was, it’s pretty good bro.” I answered his question. Now Tara was his and he laughed as much as he couldNahla has

already turned you on, hasn’t she? He giggled at me without stopping his khofla. I laughed with myself Are you laughing at yourself for remembering what nahlan told you? He told me. I’m going to buy rations and I’ve reached the place where I buy them so we’ll talk

laterWell bad” I love you” He said to me. Know that you called me by this name, What did I tell you before, Feisal? I said to him, pretending to be a fighter. But he held on to his khofluma. She has this to be friends with a younger brotherTell your wife this when she

says baby, darling, sweetheart” He told me. I hung myself there from the earphones so that my ears wouldn’t hurt from the laughter he was laughing. I know that tears were flowing from his eyes in the laughter like thisTell me your interest in greeting the people.” I cut off the phone before he could throw another

wordI went up to the grocery store and bought everything we needed for the house. Then I went to the chocolate shop and bought a lot of chocolate for me and nahla. Who told me you like chocolate? How do I know if you don’t like it? But where is anyone who doesn’t like

chocolate? I know Nahla likes it because all women like something sweetI put everything I bought in the back of my car and went home. As soon as I got home I stopped the car and took all the glass I had in the car and went

upstairs to the kitchen. Nahla is cooking alone! Where did Asia khutte?I said like a coughing person so that you can bring my side of the story back here. I didn’t want to shock her by saying something she wasn’t

aware of. She looked up at me and smiled at me, and I smiled at her. Then she came over to me and took all the glass I had and put it on the kitchen table. She immediately sorted everything out and went into khay where it should have been. I stood there and went in to look at herWoow! She is absolutely

beautifulHow have I been able to see her beauty so far? I mean, how did I see her beauty on the day of our wedding?She doesn’t even have makeup on, From her eyes between these batteries to her lips that stand like minarets to her nose that Allah created wow hamaad keep your eyes down. But what’s the problem with looking at my wifeHamaad” Are


you hearing what I am saying? I heard a voice saying nahlaa ta. Wahi yaa Allah! How you called my name!!! Hamaad” She said again in a loud voiceWahi, O Allah! My name came out of her mouth again. Later she pointed a finger at me and I remembered myself in my thoughts for that reason and came back hereUh!! I used it. Nahla looked at me like I

was crazy and laughed. Wahi oh my God what is so das!!! Her laughter is heartbreaking. Where have they gone? She asked me after she laughed and pulled herself offA.. A… But.. I didn’t know what to say. What caused me gingerbread? Nahla shook her head and went back to what she was doing. Didn’t you call me to tell me something first? Shall I ask what

that is that you want to tell me? No, I don’t want to embarrass myself againWahi oh my God whose chocolate is this? She said in a happy voice. Here’s how women love chocolate. Umm amm khiyyan I said because I don’t want the conversation to change from our hands????.. Ooh she just usteWould you like chocolate? I asked???? Is there anyone who

doesn’t want Seyxeti? She told meLook like this” She laughed as much as she could when I answered. I laughed with her. Her laughter drives something inside, or did I drop the order? She gave a wonderful answer” She said to meI don’t want all dilas and I said take it all. I lied???? I’m drying you up as a husband today, right? Thank you for everything.” She said to

me. I looked there and saw that she was happyEvery little thing makes women happy. Now her happiness is my happiness and I have to keep it rightI said don’t lose your gratitude and went to my room and said I’ll be down in 10 minutes.” Well she said yes and she laughed at me too. I laughed again before I left and went downstairs there is wallahI know it’s only been 3 weeks since we got

married but the girl in Dakhas is slowly making my heart a home, and I’m welcoming her with both handsI just saw that it doesn’t take long to feel loveSince I fell in love with her I want her to always be the devil, And yet I want to be the reason for her laughter, Her joy, her laughter, Everything that ties to her pleasureI feel happy when I am around her. I

forget myself in her beautiful eyes. I have never lost myself in words when I talk to a woman but the leader said I will talk to her and I lose my words. Whether you apply makeup or not, you are as beautiful as ever, maashaa Allaah. I want to stand against every trouble that comes to her under Allah and

protect her from it. My happiness is all in her happiness now, you know her kindness and peace looking there in the face. I promise to protect her till I die, insha Allah and then we will meet again in Paradise my wife, NahlaI went into my room, opened my laptop, went to my email, replied to the message that

stopped working and left the others to myself. I have been on leave for four weeks because of the wedding. I could still edate it for a few weeks if I wanted to but I was afraid that they would accuse me of not riding the work because I was responsible for the work at leastI went to the bathroom and after washing

myself I took ablution and went downstairs. I put on my khofo and jacket underneath and put on my mudawwara on top to go to the mosque as maghrib was approachingThen I went downstairs. I told Nahla I would be down in 10 minutes and I stayed for 35 minutes.



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