Does that mean you forgave me? He said to me…. Is it lying to me???No hamaad, nothing will go back to this weakness. My words surprised him and he just sighed and used it, and I used it with my eyes downGo

downstairs and do you have anything you want? He asked me, changing the conversation we were already havingNo, I don’t want anything, thank youHe said yes and kissed me in the forehead and behee

khuteAfter he khuted I went to the living room and while I was sitting watching a comedy show my phone rang. When I looked up, it was Hishaam calling me, I thought it was Hamad who called me when the phone rang first, I

thought it was two hours or so since he left. I said Assalaamu Aleeykum on the cassette phone to my brother, and I thought of him in denialWa’aleeykum salaam My Sis” How are you doing? He said to me in a mirthful voiceAlhamdulillah I am safe and how are

you? I asked the guyAlhamdulillah I am fine and how is your husband? He told meYes, hello, why did you call? I asked the guy. He doesn’t call me except by chance so I was surprised that he called meWhat do you mean by that? Can’t a brother call his sister and ask

how she is? He told meNo I can but you don’t call unless they live something don’t tell me what’s going on immediatelyUff your old man may Allah help you, you don’t know how to let people down my old man may Allah not do

this to you, I want my wife to have the same character as my mother insha Allah” he said in a whispered voice without interrupting . I c



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