the next day we got ready to go to the event that Harry invited us to. What makes this day different from other days is that you and I are going out together for the first time.

Alhamdulillah.Nahla and Hamad Nahlaa get out quickly” He said to me. His voice makes you laugh when he asks for something. He looks like he is going to cry. I said don’t give me 5 minutes while I was laughing. a this is one thing I learned from him during the three of us married togetherFive minutes is five hours for you.” He preached to me hereWe are getting ready to see our family. Kha himself

complains to me that you women were getting ready for more than 2 hours before he went into the shower in the morning. Wahi this man!Well, now stop talking and go get in the shower and I passed byI opened my khabata and took the clothes I was going to wear and went there and sat down in front of the mirror. I took out my phone and opened

the nasheed so that I wouldn’t be passed by until I went downstairs. I applied a little lotion and blew oil on my clothes and put it on myself and got ready. It didn’t take him long to get ready for what he hadn’t done yetI called myself and thought I would say something and opened the door and came here. When his eyes fell on me hahaha she got ready early today. I don’t understand what you’re going to ride on my words.” He said to me. I glanced at himI’ll go to the room and get something.” I

went downstairs without waiting for his answer. There are still a lot of my stuff in the room in front of him. After all, the room was mine before????I went to Ruma and took my makeup bag and came back here. I am not a person who applies makeup all over the dilas but I apply a little bit every once in a while. Hamad doesn’t like dilas mara. After applying it, I went downstairs to drink water. As soon

as I entered the kitchen, I saw Asia working. In fact she calls me very dasDo you have anything you want, madam? She told me. You are not going to stop calling me by that nameNo Aasi is not a big deal I want to drink water and I will take it good luck. Seyxeti continued what she was doing. I took water from the fridge and squeezed it into a glass and drank the whole glass in one place

without stopping. Asia glanced at me and said. Khofleetin Aasi is going out today and make it a meal for yourself. Thank you so much for everythingI am doing my job and nothing else so you don’t need to thank me for this madam, go in peace” She said. Here please madam don’t tell me call me by my name the restThe guy standing in front of me is so handsome. From a hat to a hat, he never wore clothes that went away from him. His

areeda has a scarf on it and maashaa Allah it looks like something else. He looked me in the eye and smiled at me, and I smiled at him. Go here where I am standing and go get your bag we have been so long” He told meWhose problem is it then? I asked, glancing at himI was ready 15 minutes agoTeeti my dear

wifey” he said and looked at me and now go quickly and get your bag” He said to meI turned away and went to the room. I took my bag and phone and put on my shoes and quickly went downstairs. My husband is standing in the main hallway waiting for me to pick up the phone. When I reached him, I said uh and made him answer my questions on the phone. Asia we went.” He preached up in the houseQaxan told him and I glanced at him for his preachingWe got in the car and walked

down campus. We are going to go to Hamad’s house first because their house is near us. We didn’t talk to each other the whole time we were walking but we just looked at each other and laughed. When we got to Hamad et al.’s house, we got out of the car and headed there to enter the houseWhat is the Waciin dilli tun? Hamaad said as we stood at the door. How

can I know an? We came here together and I said in a disinterested voice. As soon as he was about to say something to me, Feisal opened the doorAssalaamu Aleeykum my dumashi” He said to me with a happy faceI said wa’aleeykum salaam bro and we both laughed. Faisal never sees a person who just

loves to laugh pass him byMy brother, I’m here too.” Hamaad said as he smiled as he walked upstairs. We laughed again, me and FeisalI always have trouble with it. You kha sitting with him for 3 months and not making any complaints against him should be rewarded” Faisal said to me jokingly. I have heard what you are saying” Hamad preached down the houseI am speaking as soon as he hears me


” Feisal laughed. I laughed at him and as soon as we entered the seating room, Hamad’s mother wrapped her arms around me and read to me. She is very nice. ee read them both.The first one read to me in a fighting voice like a contemptuous person.The second one seemed to be a nice person and she read it to me with a smile.I was told that the first one’s name was Hajar and the second one’s name was NeynaWhat is life like after marriage? She asked me, Grandma Neynan. Alhamdulillah it’s not as beautiful as I thoughtHaving Hamm Tahuma. Nothing is what you thought it would be. Hamad kha who doesn’t have to marry you is marrying you and doing his best to make you happy,

and you just don’t know gratitude” Aunt Hajara said to me in a voice full of hatred such” Said the peopleI am telling the truth, Hawwa.” She replied. I was silent and I didn’t know what to say to Hamad. He looked at me with a good-looking eye and gave me a smile that wasn’t in me. Nahlaa! Come to the kitchen with me, you help me pour the food.” The mother said to me. I quickly went upstairs and khuted under because I didn’t want to stay with the

expensive woman for a minute anymoreWhen we go up to the kitchen I’m sorry my nahla you’re always like that. She still does this because she wanted Hamad to marry her boyfriend.” The mother told me. Oh that’s the reason she’s so stubbornWhat does she lose to me in her interest he is now my husbandNo problem mom, thank you for introducing me.” I laughed. While we were talking, Faisal came in and said goodbye. I laughed and said no problemThe three of us served food and

invited everyone here for lunch. Grandma Hajara looked at me with a smile, and I just sighedWe all turned around and sat down in chairs. I sat next to Hamad, and Aunt Hajara sat in front of me on the other side of the table. I couldn’t eat because she was staring at me. Grandma Neyna and Ummah are talking, while Faisal is laughing at his phone. Grandma Hajara is sitting and now and then she is staring at me ???? Hamad is eating useti and I am sitting and looking at everyoneHamad said here in my ear and

whispered to me, won’t you eat? He told me. I whispered in her ear and said I wouldn’t eat the way she looked at me. Hamad laughed at me as if I had said a funny jokeThese zabana children have no punishment and are not ashamed. Hamad has never had such a character before and all this fault is nahla’s. She has destroyed the child by bringing him characteristics he did not have before. Why would you let Eve marry her? Hamaad is 100 times better for this poor man.” Grandma

Hajara finished her speech with her hands scattered. At this point my eyes were left open. I couldn’t believe that such words came out of her own mouthHave you lost your character?… Would you have known what you were saying?The clock is 100 times more

wii… I walked on the ground that clockStop the hajara right here. What is it to keep talking about the past? Are you a child? Said the soldier of grandmother neeynanNo, can I divorce her and marry Saada?” Is that right, Hamad? She asked, looking Hamad in the

faceUmm hamm um hmm…… I couldn’t say anything but hamadisWhat is he saying? At such times, the soul calls me the same khanaahuu khabaliSuch a mii hamaad? She asked againThis time the people told you to

stop and stop your words” She foughtWhat kind of person is the expensive? Are they 16-year-olds or you?After lunch and the utensils, we are going to go to Ummah’s house in Nahla and then to Haris’s house so we have to go now,” he said in his hamadnessWahi, my

Lord! Since they were not married, she already takes the child as a driver and drives him up and down the road she wants.The people just left her words to him, well, no problem, go in peace. Don’t forget to say hello to your Ummah nahlaa” She said to meWell, goodbye and get up. I said goodbye to Aunt Neyna and

Aunt Hajara and smiled a smile that wasn’t in meI. aunt. teetii. not. you. black magic. witch” She said to me, spreading every word separately and speaking loudly. Her words struck my heart as hard as they came out of her mouth. What did I do to her? he took my hand and we walked out of the house

togetherI didn’t even know I was crying until Hamad touched me to wipe my tears. Don’t underestimate her words my dumashi, she’s talking all this because you’re jealous of her better boyfriend” Faisal said, staring at me ‘I cried for a while. Hamad was talking to me

about various things and trying to make me feel better. After I recovered a little bit I never saw her and I couldn’t understand why she was talking all thisDon’t cry sweetheart, your tears are precious and shouldn’t fall for someone like her.” Hamad said to me. I sat

down for a while and I replied, shall we eat ice cream? He said. He changed the topic and tried to forget what happened availableI laughed at it and said yes. We immediately went to the ice cream parlor and after buying ice cream we went and bought pizzas???? and ate. No matter what you do, he always does nothing to make me happy. I think I started to love




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