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The reason is that it is not good for your health,” he said, laughingUs you don’t know what it is to have a heart, right?” She said, biting her teeth

togetherHe knows that a pregnant woman eats a lot and cries for the slightest thing.” Hisham said. Then Sumayya glared at him. She stopped staring at him and turned to me ooh my God! Nahlaa you and your husband to have a child I’m trying and you’d better tell him you don’t want a baby soon.” He said to me with a laughMy brother is just

crazy, How can he say such things in front of my mother? Oh God, what kind of person is this guy? My mother looked at the leader there and she was laughing, then she shook her head and went back to what she was doingWell, if you are a doer of what he says, don’t have a child with your wife

when you marry her.”I’ll never do it believe me Sis” I laughedYou both usa from us now! I usan them both with a single fighting soundSumayya took her soup ???? and we were talking about whatever we saw until hamaad wrote me and said I will reach you in 5 minutesI went to my old room and took my handbag and charge and as I was

walking downstairs I was tired when the door was knocked on. Hisham opened the door and the two of them talked. I went over and hugged my husband, and he hugged me and I denied thinking of you today.” He whispered to meShameless people.” My sister said from her

seat. Hisham looked at him and laughedI said in your interestIn the meantime, my ummah came down and Hamad Assalaamu Aleeykum Ummah said, “How are you?”Wa’aleeykum salaam my son, I am safe Alhamdulillah what is the action like? She said the peopleAlhamdulillah you made me a little busy but you don’t say anything,” said

HamadWell, um, the clock is gone and we’ll see you later. Now we’ll go safely.” Hamad looked at me hereWell, good luck my son, Enter in peace.” My mother saidGood morning Sis” I kissed my sister on the forehead and we went outDon’t forget to tell Hamad about the pregnancy.”

Hisham told me, preaching down the mascot/window. I khofleet it and used itAfter getting in the car and walking a little bit there, hamaad what is the pregnancy we get out of kha? He asked me to do itKhun said there was nothing

but a hishaam game, but my answer did not satisfy himIs it really? He told meI said, ‘Een When I looked at how sick I was and how much I hated, I knew my month had arrived DSs


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