Suraa keenyaa Akka Ajaa’ibatti Barefachuf App kun baredadha

As soon as I opened the door, I was wrapped up Alhamdulillah! he saidDrama queen” He said to me. He glanced at her, looked at me and laughedI’ll move away from there and you’ll grow up thinking usteetuma.” He saidNo matter what happens for you, it’s okay.” He looked me in the eye. There was a special

feeling in his eyes. Is it love? No, that’s my thoughtI slipped in and we both went there and sat down on the bed. We sat apart, looking like a new person we just met. This is proof that we have taken five steps backwards in our relationship. Kha appointed us all this hamaadiWhat is the reason for

shutting the door and sitting alone in the room? He asked me after a whileI said because I wanted to be alone for a whileWhen you say alone, it’s far from me, do you? He asked me in a sad voiceNo… ooh amm Yes I replied. I don’t know why the matter is biting

me in the mouthOoh! He just used it off. Yet I heard him speak in this sad voice and I am hurt how am I!!We sat quietly for a while. While there was so much to talk about, we kept our mouths shut. We are in a special predicamentWould you like to go out while

we’re sitting like this? My husband asked me. His idea is to close the gap between us here and want us to go back to the way we were before. But I don’t think I’m ready for thatI relaxed and said no, I don’t want to go outWhy do you do this? He told meI said how did you

get outI don’t know if you’ve been doing it since we had a fight.” He said to meWhat is it? Oh no it’s not like that and I laughed a nervous laughIf not, why does the matter cut you in the mouth? He said to me again in a sad voiceThe words are not sticking in my mouth, no, but you look like poison



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