Top Whole Foods Market Career and Employment Information you must know

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Are you interested in a career in the whole foods market? Whole Food Market is a natural and organic food retail company with a mission to promote the health, wellness and healing of people and our planet. There are more than 490 whole food markets in North America and the UK.

Whole food careers


Fortune magazine has recognized the whole foods market as one of America’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the past 15 years. they are also committed to their team members, with 100% of store team leader positions filled since 2014. Whole Foods Market employment information, including job openings and benefits, is can find online.

Whole Foods Market Job Search

Job seekers can search and apply for Whole Foods store and/or office jobs by location and position online. The process is detailed on any website and will take you through every  step of creating your profile, uploading your CV, and completing application. You can then apply for any jobs, keep your profile, renew your information at any time, and set up complete job alerts for  a time when a position you’re interested in becomes available. You can also look for jobs at computer kiosks located in whole food stores.

Careers can be found in their stores, bakeries, store kitchens, distribution warehouses, regional offices and global headquarters.

Amazon and Whole Foods Whole Foods

employees are now Amazonians, too, thanks to Amazon’s 2017 purchase of the food chain.



The partnership now allows Amazon Prime Members to shop online at the Whole Foods Marketplace and have food delivered to their doorstep. Amazon is also looking to expand whole foods in states like Idaho, southern Utah and Wyoming, along with many other suburban areas. To accommodate more customers online, chains will likely be hybrids of warehouses and supermarkets, a move that will add many new jobs.

Whole foods make the transition to whole foods seamless for existing Amazon employees, and vice versa. any interested employee should speak to their local human resources representative first to get the ball rolling.

Benefits of the whole food market


The Whole Foods Marketplace offers many benefits to its employees, starting with competitive compensation, career growth and retention, employee discount, paid time off, pay transparency, profit sharing, and stock options. This is in addition to medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance, retirement savings, emergency funds for team members and a health savings account.

They also offer incentives for team members to improve their health, through immersion programs presented by experts in the fields of nutrition and preventive medicine, including topics such as nutrition and health, exercise and cooking.

Benefit packages are available to employees who work more than 20 hours per week and have completed a trial period of employment. There are some difference in benefits of stores in the country likes of USA, Canada and the UK depending of the pay and variations of time of works.

Whole food market culture


If working for a company committed to environmentally sound practices in all aspects of its store, facility and office operations is important to you, Whole Foods Market may have the perfect job for you.

Their core beliefs and values ​​guide their business in many ways, providing services to the communities they serve as well as their team members. Its various programs include fighting poverty and promoting self-sufficiency in third world countries whose products are sold in its stores, promoting healthy eating education in communities to improve health and wellness in the US, USA, and an emergency fund established to help team members affected by disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires.


The Whole Foods Market supports local growers and vendors by marketing their products, as well as providing low-interest loans to independent farmers and food artisans to help them expand their businesses, helping to promote jobs and diversity of use of food. the land in the community.

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