I lay down to sleep with the same thought, even though it took me a while to fall asleep… Does love always betray you? What does it mean? Does that mean he loves me? Oh my

God, do that. But are you angry with it? My heart said to me, Yes I am angry with it. While I was thinking about this, I fell asleep.I rolled

from side to side on this big bed. I have been sleeping with my arms wrapped around my wife for a little over four months and I haven’t been able to sleep alone. I think this house is

empty, and I am feeling very lonelyI looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:3 I know now that nahla is asleep. Why do I think of her

though? Maybe because she is my wifeDo you think of the old woman who preached to him like that? My heart told mePlease oh my heart don’t let me sheenahu because the evil is

hers. The reason I am lying alone on this bed and alone in this room is her fault. All this is her faultI shouldn’t have fought like that, but I

couldn’t. She couldn’t tell me that what she did would hurt me. The first time I used to pretend to be innocent, but she came back and hugged her friend in front of me



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