When the Asr prayer came I went to my room and took ablution and prayed Asr and cried to Allah and prayed, That Allah will make this marriage a happy marriage for me.Today a relative’s boyfriend is getting married but I didn’t know that the husband was going to be

me. What does that mean? What does this in the 21st century?By Allah, I swear by Allah, I did not want to come to this wedding but my mother forced me to come. Since my father died, she has been very tired of us, she has

taken the place of mother and father and has done everything we needed to the best of her ability. My father died when my younger brother Faisal was five years old and I was 11 years old. From that day on, my ummah took the burden of father and mother on herself

and she worked tirelessly day and night to keep us alive. May Allah make her happy in this world and the HereafterMy ummah told me that the boy who was going to marry Nahla was here and the wedding was left. Hamaadoo come here” She said to me. By

Allah I sehe you brought me foodI came and said umm and I spoke under the leader two steps closer hereNahla was supposed to get married today but the guy who is going to marry her was here for some unknown reason.” Subhanallah” I used to say nothing elseWe have just discussed with Nahla’s

father and decided that you should marry her” she continued…. Listen hamaad she is getting older but not decreasing so you should get married, You are 27 years old and almost 28, in fact you are close to 30 years old , You should have married a squirrel.” She said to

me, looking at me in my ears as in hersLook at it, please! She immediately took me from 27 to 30 Oh O God who created the heavens and the earth, what is happening? I don’t understand anything she said. Me and Nahla?Marriage?Today?Khun can’t be in fact!Your father would have wanted you to marry a

relative, Yet Nahla is a respectable man, A faithful man, A kind man, Do you want to marry such a woman? She told me. I told Ummi Nahla the opposite of what I wanted to marryDon’t be like this, hamaad.” She cut me off verballyUmmi is my friend but I don’t know

her exactly, yet you and I are opposite people please don’t force Ummi to marry me, I wanted her to understand my opinion… My son can be opposite persons” That’s right ?What did you see in her? She said to meUmmi please” lead me and she cut me off verbally

againWell, marry my hamaad for me. If you say no, what should I tell Haji Bilal? He called me and discussed the idea with me. He had done so much for us and how can we not do so much for him? Please hamaad for me and for your ummah let it be the moon” My

ummah prayed to me. Oh my God” my ummah never prayed to me like thatWhat should I do? I don’t like any woman, I don’t have any woman in mind at this time. I am not ready to form any relationship yet. What if they formed a relationship and then left someone and

went to someone elseMy father left me and went awayNahlaa?She is not the person I have in mind, let alone the person I want to marry. Not to say I have another one I looked at, but you and I are the opposite. She likes to talk and I don’t like to talk. She is a shouting

person I can’t shout, In fact I don’t want to marry her but I can’t say no to her kha my ummah begged me like thatWell, um, I’ll do anything for youThank you my son Hamad, may Allah make you a happy marriage.” She hugged me. I hugged her and said AmenAfter

some time he got married and thus became a husband. Yeah, I mean I’m marriedMy brother was not at my wedding either, it was a wonderful day!!!Nahla instead felt a little sorry for me. Why did the boy who was going to

marry her disappear? Is it her problem? Did she say something that would make him very angry? If it is what you say that makes him angry, what is this thing that she said that made him so angry that he left her on the wedding day? Many questions went around my headMay Allah make my decision a

beautiful decisionIt’s time to leave, which means it’s time for my wife and I to leave here. Wife??? He has to learn my language I have a small house not far from my home. Now we go to the kharaa of the house with nahlaa. It means our house. Ours? When was it transferred from here to us? She is now ours because I married her They came with

her mother and sister. Khuli rolled her eyes and put a little something on her face and seemed to be crying. After all, I don’t blame her for thisShe is going to leave her family and siblings behind2. The guy who should have married her didn’t attend the wedding on the day of the weddingSo I think she has a right to cryHer mother took her daughter’s

hand and put it in my hand and please tighten it properly for me” She said to me in a hoarse voiceI don’t promise you that but I will strengthen you as much as I can, insha AllahThanks! May Allah make you a happy marriage.” She said to me with a tear

streaming down her face. Her daughter well my wife is crying as wellHer brother came in tears and they both hugged each other and cried. Aww that’s rightNahla said goodbye to her family and went downstairs under me. I went ahead and took him to where I parked

my car and opened the door for him. The car?? Well even though she is ugly old I will be safely engaged in it and she will be my when she came in I closed the door and went in the driver’s side myself and got out of the carI

absolutely love my car. LolThey don’t drive more than thirty minutes from Nahla’s house to ours. Nahla has been crying since she got in the car. After all, I wish to make it easier for us to live with Allah. STR



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