anabya and zahir The Speech of the

Prophet” he called me zahirWell” I khute there with him to find out why he called me. Every morning his behavior is not like a married man getting

ready to go to work but like getting kids ready to go to school. I know he can make this up for what he calls me for but I make it for him because I love himWhen I entered the room

Zahir was standing in front of the mirror. As soon as I saw him, I went there and stood behind him and shook his handLeave it to me, I’ve been helping you wear a kharaba for five months, when will you learn to wear it for yourself? I asked him to take it from his tie

and tie itWhy did I need to study when you were with me?” He pulled the handle from my hair and the hair folded down my face. I looked at him with my eyes out, and as soon as he slipped to say something I passed

and khute there to bring him a khota from the khabata he went there and sat down on the bed. I brought him his khoot and eat breakfast khoot quickly Well I’ll come but first you come and sit here next to me sweetheart” He said to meMy dear hubbi” I said don’t miss your

working hoursWork can keep me up, good luck.” He told meWhat’s what, habib? I asked, sitting down next to himI think we’ll go out together.” He said, taking my handShall we go out and come back together? Is it true from

you or habib? I asked the guyWhat’s the problem? Can’t I spend time with my wife? He told me Habib is not like that, think about work first, then we will go out and come back and they will go with you wherever you want this is not

something financially connected” He told meI know Habibi is not about money but we have to work hard now to live a beautiful life in the futureSweetheart” I will make your wish come true by Allah’s will insha Allah” He said to

meHabib said for that now you have to go to work khara. Well sweetie” He said to meWell now get down and eat breakfast the hour is already gone for you” I said and went upstairs

to go downstairs. He took me by the hand and stopped me. What did you hajam? I said to him with my eyes. Sorry habibti” He told meLeave mine alone and get ready to sit down and fight you for the fight you are doing because you have spent hours working, I laughedThis is all because of you.” He told

meWhat did I do wrong? I asked the guyBecause of you, my heart kept me from going.” He told meI looked down in embarrassment. I have been married to him for five months and I am still very shy at

times. Then he sucked me and took my hand and we went downstairs togetherI offered him breakfast and after he ate he put his khota on it and then he said goodbye to me and khute.To be continued.Lighting



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