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I remembered what happened yesterday and when she opened her eyes she looked at me. Hello” She replied in a disinterested voice and before I could look here she walked out of the

kitchen and went upstairs.Nahla and Hamad With the sun shining on my face, I realized it was time to fall asleep. I found myself under a soft khumbula as I tried to force my eyes open to see your starry sun shining hereWhat!

Remember?Where am I? What I remember is Hamad fighting me and I remember sitting and thinking about what we spent with AyyubDid I sleep on the cold kitchen floor?

Yes, he slept there. Did I drink or how can I forget that my husband had fought me and that I was sitting on the land thinking about

what we had done with Ayyub? Do I know that I slept on the cold floor after that? Then how could I live on this bed now? I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock at 12:5pmWhat is it?

Zuhr arrived a little bit and I didn’t even pray Fajr. Oh, my GodI quickly ran to the bathroom, made ablution and came back here to pray

the morning prayer and asked forgiveness for not praying on it in time. Then I prayed that Allah would help us move this marriage forwardI am ready to give this marriage a

chance but why does he refuse? I really want to forget the past and start a new life. I don’t want to think about Job anymore because I’m married, I want to forget him. Although it is

not easy to forget a loved one, I pray that Allah will make me forget himHe has now forgotten about me if he wants to! Unexpectedly, tears fell from my left eye. I

quickly deleted it. I promised myself that I would never cry for him again. I now have an elder whose responsibilities I haveBut can I forget? I will try, I hope to forget him. Just

because I forgot him doesn’t mean the world is overI forced myself to the floor and took a cold shower and brushed my teeth. I went downstairs and put on a black robe and a white scarf. I know that Hamad has no problem seeing my hair because he is married

to me but there is another issue between me and himI didn’t bother applying anything and blew some oil on myself and went downstairs. As soon as I went to the kitchen, I

saw Hamad sitting there talking on the phone. I think he is talking to Ummah, and who knows if he is talking to his fiancée!!!Whoever the father is, what have I put on himI slowly

walked up to the kitchen because I didn’t want him to see me. I want him to hate me, right?Assalaamu Aleeykum Madam” A little older woman standing in the kitchen called me.

Wa’aleeykum salaam my name is nahla” I told her because I didn’t want her to call me madamMy name is Asia madam nahlaa” I am so happy to see you” She said to me with a

smile. I think she’s a good person and we’ll get along right when I look there. Thank you Asia, Please call me by my name but don’t call me madam, Yeah I’m happy to see you too” I said and I laughed. I made many kinds of breakfast and what do you want to eat? She asked meI said, ‘Offer me whatever you das

and be mine. She looked at me and seduced me. Her eyes were full of happiness, but she didn’t know what made her happyIn the middle I saw Hamad come in and rifled without thinking. Who knows what these disrespectful people intend to do. Assalaamu Aleeykum” I read in a hoarse

voiceWa’aleeykum salaam nahlaa” How are you? He said to me as if nothing was once. One heart speaks instead! I looked at him and said hello and he was silentYou sit for Sheenah, this is all your plan” he said to me

yesterday?I didn’t want Asia to know what was going on between us so I quickly ran upstairs. Tears filled my eyes and I didn’t want Hamad to see me crying in the morning as he

saw me crying yesterday. But before I could go upstairs and close the door, he grabbed me by the door and pulled me here and closed the door behind himI wrapped my arms

around him and cried on his forehead and wet his shirt with tears. But I stood there without wrapping my arms around him, and I didn’t move away from himAfter a few minutes he

moved away from me and wiped my tears and kissed me on the forehead. What does it mean?????What did he sehe me instead? Did he think I was an Ashaangulli? He fought me like this yesterday and now he wraps himself around me and kisses me in the forehead instead! Sorry nahlaa” He brought me back

here from my thoughts. Sorry? Hhhh How sorry?In the middle we heard the Zuhr Azan. Alhamdulillah the same call was made, I don’t even understand what he is saying at this pointLet’s pray! I have ablution and do you? He told me. I said no, I don’t have itSeeqeti,

well, I’ll wait for you, go and do ablution.” He said to meWhat is he doing? I don’t understand his point! I said yes and went to the bathroom and took ablution and went downstairs. Hamad is standing with two cigarette buttsI wore my hijab and we prayed together for the second time. When we left

the prayer I was happy, not because I prayed with my husband but because I prayed for my family to live happilyNahlaa” Forgive me for my fight with you yesterday, By Allah I don’t know what I was at that time, but believe me I said all that useetuman but I have no

intention, It was about the wedding before I was ready I was angry and useetuma threw what came to my mouth but I didn’t think about it please forgive me, am I ready to give

this marriage a chance and will you give it a chance and try to move forward with me?So what should I do now? Is he really saying what he is saying or is he going to convince me and

play me? Give him a chance and see if he’s telling the truth.” My heart told me.If he is ready to give this marriage a chance, why shouldn’t I? Wouldn’t we have both been forced to do so? So I don’t think you have a problem with giving it a chanceHamad

wanted to be a friend of the guy. But since you have the desire to give this marriage a chance, I will give it a chance. I’m hugging you not to promise me not to fight me and not to say bad words to me. I don’t want to have tears in front of him, but I can’t stop my

tearsWahi, my Lord! I promise you everything you said and promise me not to cry tomorrow.” He said wiping my tears. I laughed. I hope it will be a new beginning for us insha Allah.



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