Would you wear this heavy burdensome dress for the sake of the wedding? They asked me. I couldn’t understand why they asked me this questionI am so happy that I am going to marry the love of my life, JobWe have been in

love since. He is my first kha lover. I had never loved another man before. Ideally, the leadership there looked very different dasOur wedding is going to be at 1pm today. At 7pm we have a dinner party. I have been preparing for this day for a long time. I cannot put into

words how much I love JobI am currently preparing for the program in my room. We only invited neighbors and family, not a big event. I don’t have many friends and there are not many people who sit down to participate in this programSomeone knocked on the door and before I could tell the story, my mother

and sister came in under each otherOur family is five people. 3 children and our mother and father. My sister sumayya is our eldest. She got married 2 years ago, and is now 27. Next to her is my brother who is just playing.

25 years old but he has not married yet and they work with my father. I am the last one. Their youngestAssalamu Aleykum! My mother said as she entered my roomWa’aleeykum salaam uttam” I replied and made a blanket on myselfOh, my God! I don’t think it’s true

that my little sister is going to get married.” She hugged me sumayya. I hugged her. She moved away from me and I didn’t cry thinking about itWhat are you doing, Sumayya? Do you want to make us all cry? She said, my people, holding back tearsWhat is it that is making

you cry? Did someone die? Does this mean that Nahla is not going to get married today? Now it means I can’t convert her room into a gym room.” My brother said, standing at the entranceDid the word behe from his own mouth!!!I’m not going anywhere and you won’t

make my room a gym place, I said, gritting my teeth togetherOh my son” My mother said and wrapped herself around me. I wrapped herself around her, and Sumayya and Hisham came and wrapped themselves around me. At this point I couldn’t hold back my tears and criedI still can’t believe I’m going to leave this house tomorrow morning. I sit and think about this

group hug???? and everything in this houseNahla hurry up and get ready the clock is ticking. Sumayya go down and see if everything is level. Hisham you go and offer the guests what they want” My mother put us all on the road They all left me and I was left alone againI looked at myself in the mirror. the girl looking at me here in the mirror looks

so beautiful not to boast with clothes and makeup but really beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was getting married and leaving our house in a matter of hoursAssalamu Aleykum! He said and went upstairs without knocking on the

door, knowing that my father was not blaming him for not knocking on the doorWa’aleeykum salaam baba” I wrapped myself around him. He wrapped himself around me and wiped my duyda saying my nahla may Allah be pleased with you. At this point tears filled my eyesNahlaa everything that Allah brings to man is good for man. We plan, and Allah

plans, But the plan kha Allah is better. Take everything lightly because we don’t always get what we want,” my father continuedThere is something something!What happened to Dad? Please tell me.” I moved away from what

I said. I’m stunnedDon’t think about it, my daughter.” He said to me. I said yes to something that wasn’t in me. Well, now laugh.” He said to me, and I laughed at it. I love my father and all my family.



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