What Is It Worth Spending Money On?

person getting 1 U.S. dollar banknote in wallet

After yesterday’s post on the things I prefer to save on, today I will tell you about the items on which I usually spend a little more; obviously this is just my point of view , also because who am I to say how you should invest your savings?!


What I know I can say with certainty is that we should try to indulge in some small luxuries from time to time, especially if it concerns something that we are really passionate about. The price does not matter so much, but it must be something we have strongly desired: it can be clothes, bags, make-up, sunglasses, stamps, household items, holidays, restaurant dinners … in short, think about what you love most and give yourself a gift, even just once a year!


I do this for bags: for me they are magical objects, almost fetishes that I love to ” collect ” over time, also because I am convinced that a beautiful quality bag lasts a long time, indeed, it gains value over the years ! Since they are expensive objects anyway, I just give myself a whim a year : the one of 2022 is the Alexa by Mulberry , in brown leather not too big, which I am taking advantage of a lot! For heaven’s sake, for everyday life I use the Long champs colored nylon shopping bag , which is the closest to the Mary Poppins bag , very capacious and practical. but when I want to feel at my best I replace it with a more special one !


Even for special headbands I like to invest, because I find that they have the ability to immediately make any outfit special, even the simplest and most classic . In addition to everything, they are not objects that get damaged or wear out particularly, so they can last for several years . All the ones you see in the first picture were bought by Henri Bendel here in New York, but they are from different designers.


As far as  cosmetics and beauty are concerned,  I must say that  I am not picky : as you know, I shop  at Armani as at Kiko , without making me any problem! In English it is said that  “you get what you pay for” , that is,  based on the amount you spend you will get an adequate result: an item paid for 5 euros will be of lower quality than one paid for 100 . In my opinion this saying  is not always valid in the field of make-up , because you can find fantastic super cheap products, like very expensive products that are crap! In some specific cases, however, I am much more selective:


Skincare : I don’t compromise on face creams and I don’t mind expenses. I’m not saying I only use 200 euro products, but I certainly don’t get duped by the 3 euro creams you can find in the supermarket. What I have noticed over the years is that those lucky enough to have perfect skin can also spread tar on their face and will continue to have no problems, while we poor mortals have to be a little more careful about what we use. I assure you that when you find the right product for you you will notice it and your skin will thank you!


Foundation : Still following this principle, I find that even the expensive or medium-expensive foundations (about 15 euros to be clear) are better than the cheap ones. I happen to test even cheaper ones and I’m not saying that I don’t like them, on the contrary, some are really fantastic, but for personal use my choices fall more often on luxury brands, or at least from department stores, such as the Revlon Colorstay for mixed skins .

– Hair care: Even for hair I apply the same concept as for skin, that is that some people can be wonderful with the 2 euro shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket, while for me I use products that are a bit refined and with natural ingredients like end always pays off. My favorite brands are Aveda, Davines, Philip B and Evo , but lately I’m also trying the Alterna , which is a cure-all on dry and dyed hair!

Ok girls, that’s it! I hope you liked this idea! Obviously I’m very curious to know what you think is worth spending! In your opinion, for which objects “do you get what you pay for?” A big kiss


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