Yeroo Hundaa Waanti Ani isiinif maxxansaa jiruu Akka isiin Gamachisuu Abdi qaba

He kissed me, kissed me in the mouth for the first time I’m sitting alone in my room. After he kissed me, we sat together for a while and then he said he would go to the toilet and leftHe wants us to be back to

normal but I am not ready to be back to normal. He forgave her for this weakness and does not want to be hurt again. But!! I don’t know boo I’ve denied thinking of him. Anyway, kha he fought me like that shouldn’t go back to this weakness. But he has apologized to

me, hasn’t he? No, forgiveness cannot fix everything at onceAs I sat there, there was a knock on my door. I know exactly how hamaad this person is beatingNahla is

peaceful, right? He said to me in a thoughtful voice. I don’t know why when he says that his voice makes me heart harrow. I said uuh like a khokke cleaner and yes helloDo you testify or

do you know? Why haven’t you come out yet? He asked me… I don’t want to talk to you, but I wanted to say that I couldn’t keep quiet from you when I heard your thoughtful voice but I left this in the open and said I’m safe and

don’t think about all the dilasI’m worried please tell me bubbles! Is there anything I have done wrong again? If you are, please forgive me for not acting intelligently. Baby I can’t sit still knowing you’re not happy with

me please have mercy on me. I have made a promise to myself that I will not hurt you here and there please open the door nahlaa” When he refused to stop talking I don’t know if he will cry again I opened the door from myself this is a problem

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